Wednesday, May 10, 2006

MizeEyore visited my blog!

I can't tell you (although I try :) how excited I was to get in my email her posts here on my blog.

I had meant in fact to dedicate a post of joy here when I had 'refound' her again. It looks like everyone is getting new templates and 'blogskins' and her revamped/renewed site looks fabulous.

I relate to her so much because, as UT pointed out in one of her more useful moments, I am an angry manic.

There is a difference. The other kind is kinder and gets enjoyable moments like charging the ol' charge card and feeling high and happy.

This is rare for me. I feel mostly quite tapped into my faculties, but on the flip side, Lord don't piss me off (as in basic daily events, usually) because I'm verbal, succinct, and can be mean. (Yeah, even Husband tells me so, as I don't know it already!) In short, I get angry and can be prone to ranting. (Hence why blogging is so awesome for getting it out.

MizE understands this.

I say that because she is completely tapped into this part of herself on her blog, at LEAST, and I LOVE IT!!!

Reading her blog and the what she said on mine, just confirms that I know it's okay to be me. How lovely is that!

That she found me worthy to invite me as a blogfriend, brings me great unabashed joy and I'm saying so!

I wish that blogger would tell you what post a person is actually responding to, because I've looked all over for them and: can't find. Also, I will put her on my links. I sure hope she doesn't mind, because I would love to make it easier for everyone to discover her.

Her site is

These are called 'Affectionate Cheetahs' and they're for you MizeE (and all other cheetah afficianados). It came right in my email today from Webshots. How neat is that?


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Enigma said...

tart, on the bottom of you email is a link back to your site. Click it and it should take you to the post that was responded to along with the comments.

I don't always get an email when someone posts. I don't know why, but it's true.