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Use of the Plea and a link to: the brink of insanity - my journey thru mental illness: question to ponder.....

the brink of insanity - my journey thru mental illness: question to ponder.....

I visited Mizeeyore's site this morning and responded to this post of her's (I apologize Mize e if click back and forth trying to figure how to link, I hope it didn't screw things up!) and it got me to thinking about some things so I will express my opinion.

In the course of responding I discussed how the sniper that visited the D.C. area a couple of years ago and took out a couple of people (including at a gas station just miles from my house) caused panic all over the area and we were SCARED. He has now claimed bipolar and will be using the insanity defense.

That is a no go for the Tart.

Let me explain.

The ONLY way you are going to use that as a defense is to claim that you were psychotic manic and didn't know what the hell you were doing. Having been in this very state myself, I can say its very hard to believe this because there is no way I could have operated a gun with such precision or even been sure that the people were really there or not. This guy took out people with ONE bullet out the back of his piece of crap car designed specifically for this purpose. I am enraged that he would use our diagnosis for that matter maybe even his to further the media-driven crap that all mentally ill people are criminals, that look normal even, waiting to kill you when you aren't looking. How can we get passed that when this motherf just wants to save his disgusting hide because *shock* they are talking death penalty.

I believe he was with it and meant it all the time. And enjoyed it and was sad when he was caught. Only now, when he realizes he will die from his crimes does he come up with this. No I'm not buying it and it makes me so mad.

Now, I do believe that the woman who drowned her kids was indeed psychotic as the time of the crime. Why people can't understand that, only goes to show the complete misunderstanding of her illness and I think they closed their eyes to it because it was a heinous thing to do - a mother drowning all of her children.

Andrea Yates looks a lot what I looked like when I was in baaaad shape in the hospital. She looked like crap when they took her out of the home and in her court appearances and afterward. They are shooting her up with enough Thoriazine now that she is coming around, all the while being on suicide watch, that she asks her mother 'where are the children?' I honestly don't think she's playing. I have compassion for the woman.

Maybe she feels so wretched for what she did that she is not defending herself properly. Or maybe too out of it. I realize a good defense for her is to look like crap but I recall looking and feeling that way. You don't take too many showers during your psychotic times, heck it was mooooonths before I borrowed at sharps and dryed my hair and looked like a person again. I just think the things that should have been focused on weren't. What is she the *poster child* for? Mothers who drown their children? To normies maybe that's all they see. As a person who's been to a state mental hospital and gone on to have a good life, I see someone who should be much better represented. She's got a situation that bucks against what normies can deal with and who is judging her? A jury of her peers? No a bunch of Texas moms and dads that are against her from the get-go. No offense to Texas, I guess.

Here's a thought. If the WHOLE trial is going to reopened for something so bizarre and petty as the person who said there was a scene of of some TV show that mirrored the whole thing, WHAT does that say about this case? That this woman was potentially wronged because of a TV show, as in the jurors thought she watched a TV show and wanted to kill her kids? Why couldn't there be discussion of schizophrenia and the reality of it? Who gives a crap about a TV show, when there is a larger picture and they should focus on the illness. I don't know what went on in that courtroom but I think perhaps that woman feels so guilty she's not making them focus on her sickness. And I don't have schizophrenia so I don't what its like, and I do think there is accountablity and that we don't have to act on our impulses. The woman will be be in state mental system the rest of her life. There is no doubt she did it, and some say (including family that love her) that she is better off in the hospital getting care. You can get care and live a life without the state telling you to do it. You can screw up royally and still have a life.

I have compassion for her. As a matter of fact, she is what I fear I could become. So sweet and good person, but driven out of stress (5 kids!) and who knows what all, that could be me. And she is the embodiment of how people take it and construe it and don't consider your humanity. Isn't that what the fear and prejudice of the mentally ill is all about? Your not human, flesh and blood like me, says Normie. There's something wrong with you and lets me look down on you.

So stay out of the spotlight girls. Careful what you do, cause I don't think the world is ready for a even a POSITIVE role model mentally ill person. I think they'd get skewered if they weren't really, really , REALLY strong.

And while we're at it, Why, WHY didn't they put that lame a** engineer dork of a husband in jail for continuing to impregnate the woman and not deal with her illness. He has since gotten married and said a few nice things about mental health but HE is a travesty. His stupidity and not helping her with a SERIOUS ILLNESS (well, I guess he see's that now) makes him culpaple too. Have a nice life, a**hole.

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Raine said...

I dont suppose you watch House? This week it had a woman who was driven psychotic by an illness who smothered her child right there in the hospital. Her husband was refusing to allow the baby to be autospsied saying she didnt deserve to be healed after what she had done. House blasted him good. Told him that he was partly responsible as he had left his wife crying in depression and gone out drinking. Ignored her when she would have told him she thought she was going crazy etc etc etc. It was GREAT. It made a public statement bout those who stand by and do nothing while those they supposedly disintegrate in front of their very eyes. I wanted to stand up and cheer.