Monday, May 1, 2006

Update on the SS letter

After stewing a bit today after realizing that I have tried for nearly a week to get a lawyer with no success I took in prayerful thought and after leaving a message for UT in which of course she did not return my call, I realize that I was not feeling like I had accomplish much with this today. And that gives me anxiety.

So I thought and thought and decided I'm going to call this lady on my letter and ask her about some things. Let's call her Mrs. EyeFlutter since it reminds of her actual name. Anyhow, it seemed a little fruitful as I finally explained that I had been with Supported Employment for the entire time in question and have since been told that part of their duties is to report my earnings and in general make sure I don't get in trouble with them.

Huh, she seemed to say. So you're telling me that you believed these people would report earnings to us.

'Believe?' Is that the word she using? Like, as an idiot you swallowed this information? This is in fact helpful, because yes I believe that. It was the selling point as far as I was concerned. And I now do believe I was sold a crock of shi*t.

She let me know that she does have the power to reverse this so that should give me 'hope.' AND she moved up my date so that I have more time but was not understanding or buying the part where I needed a separate time to review this apparent record. She says in fact its just a couple of pages and essentially that is unnecessary. I don't know.

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Raine said...

in spite of not allowing you extra veiwing time it still sounds hopeful- I will cross my fingers for you