Monday, May 1, 2006

Our Loud "Dinner Companion"

It's good, I think, that I venture out in the world sometimes. It seems to continually prove to me how good I have it at home.

Case in point, was my family dinner this evening. My mother wanted to thank my husband for all the awesome work he does for her RV and such and suggested a Chinese dinner. So she and I traveled to where Husband works, picked him and went to truly the very best place we know of. It has fantastic food. It's the place to go to have Chinese done right.

So we walk in and are seated and there doesn't seem to be anything else going on. Then it became painfully clear that we had been seated near a couple where the woman complained loudly right there at the dinner table. She was sooooo critical and it was difficult for me because I was right in her eyeshot, and I did feel a bit watched. It was just horrible. Apparently, she is a mother-in-law and she complained about her DIL til I thought My God I am so glad this woman is not in my family. The saying, 'Everyone here brings joy, some when they enter others when they leave' applied and I couldn't wait till the wretches left.

In particular was her tirade as to why her DIL needed to have such a nice nursery. Nobody's going to see it, she said, Whhhhyyyy should it matter. I finally said to Husband (right there because I hoped it would embarrass her and she would shut up) that if I was so blessed to have a child I would want to fix it up if for me alone (he later said he thought it helped baby's development as well). How mean, petty, and BITCHY to critique someone for this. It should be about joy and if MIL doesn't want to go in there I say in this case MIL shouldn't even be let in the house. She was so pompous and arrogant as well.

I only say all this because it is on my mind. It is not consuming me. I do think, Gee I wonder if other people I know that seem sane and nice to me but are bitches extraordinaire behind my back. I had never experienced such a 'gifted' one like that before.

AND may I say it amazes me that this woman is walking around speaking so loud. It was so hard for us to have our own conversation (which I may say, my husband is pretty much a zombie at dinners) and I resent that what is a treat for us was instead like Aunt Hilda from hell invited herself to and you are just seething and waiting to tell her off, after you get a word in edgewise. I'm like that's a person who just came out of the hospital. And they call me crazy!


mysti said...

Hi Tart,

I do not get why some people think they are the only ones in the world at a restraunt! Totally annoying I agree with you.

I just wanted you to know that I noticed on your site that pics were not comeing up. Well On my site I am having the same strange problem. Very annoying! I think something is going on with blogger again. I tried to post a new blog for today, and I noticed that it did not even have a place to down load pics! So blogger is being a real problem. It also changed my profile page. I saw this happen before, and I am sure it will get back to normal soon! I sure hope so anyhow.


Raine said...

Geez you would think the old bat would be thrilled that her grandchild was gonna to born into such a great environment. god knows I want the best for mine..... I think some people just live to complain and I do NOT understand and hope that I never ever do