Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Graduating right out of reality

I went to that graduation party for a (former?) friend and I know that for my part, I did good. I talked to EVeryone, canoodled so to speak with friend's family who I've known for years and had a good time

Then I got to thinking about it. Maybe its PMS, it most probably is, but I started thinking again how mad I am that this supposed friend is always so "busy" and never has time for me anymore. I finally saw her 'internet boyfriend' and thought at the time that he seemed nice if not a bit above all of us, and I'm thinking "You dummy, why would you give up your best girlfriends just for a piece of that?" She is doing precisely what I predicted: Yeah, finally graduated and school was always the big reason for busyness, but is now looking for a job where boyfriend is and I predict she'll move up with him.

She even said she received my email (a literal plea of what-the-dea-le-o, please let me know why it is you seem mad at me) but was doing exams at the time. Too busy to answer my email. Well, dear, then that moment would have been a good time to explain (if she cared about me) but no. Nothing.

I think the only time I will hear from her is when she is marrying invisible boy and wants to fill the church with more bodies.

People do come and go I guess, but some irrepresible, un-understandable reason it pisses me off royally that this one is willingly 'getting away.'

I am starting to think it has something to do with my illness. But I handled this last social thing well. I don't know if she judges me or in fact is jealous of me in some way. Like how could a MI person go get married and have a 'great life' (its okay, but who knows what she is thinking.)

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