Wednesday, May 3, 2006

Convincing Mrs. EyeFlutter

Well, got up at the crack of 8:50 a.m. (that's a joke a friend and mine have, 'the crack of...something p.m. and so on) and had to run out the door, hair greasy, glasses and generally OUT of it to get to therapy appointment. So, I was late meaning less time for 'therapy' but did get something out of it. UT made copies of pertinent stuff out of my massive file pertaining to my blessed SS issue.

May I say it is VERY interesting to read about yourself, through the years, through the eyes of a helpful professional. I look so much more messed up on paper. They keep insisting I have some kind of mental illness and no matter what I do I'm seen in that light. Go figure?

Now I know I rant. BUT I *think* I sound sane and not completely burdened with MI (my new acronym for mental illness) when I write on this blog, for instance. It makes sense that since it is these people's jobs to provide me with services that there notes about said individual, me, would reflect all things mental.

I'm not done in about that. That's their thing. AND it now proves helpful in the fight against our most feared government agency.

When I called Madam EyeFlutter (you recall I named her this for blog confidentiality AND that it reminds me of her odd real name. I can say that!) she joked, "Well, we're not the IRS!" Once again, not getting it, lady. What do I care with the IRS? That's a full-time worker's woe and fear. I've done nothing to piss them off. However, I have a long and steady connection with SS and they do nothing but f with me. Do we see which is worse in my eyes? Why must I cow down and play a normie game again for the 50 millionth time. Yes, Mrs. EyeFlutter, hah, hah you are so witty.

No I didn't do that. I proceeded to explain to her the fear I and many of my compatriots had and why seeing as what they give us is "precious" (my word) and those letters strike fear in our hearts, because they have the power to take it away. She will never get it, but I finally said it and it makes me feel better.

I'm working on laundry today and have a lead on a possible lawyer. Smoking like a stack after only two weeks after starting up again. Yes, world I do have issues. I gotta pay a traffic ticket today too. I'm wondering if I should show up at our local courthouse looking this greasy and unkempt. I guess they can't put in jail for that!!!


Raine said...

I totally get your point. I tried for the first time today to use my "new medicare prescription drug plan" to get my psychiatric meds. HA!! they all have to be preauthorized!! It just doesnt seem right to make mentally ill people like us deal with government agencies. Actually it should be considered cruel and unusual punishment. Its like HELLO!!!! Blue Shield - thats a psychiatrict med and I cant just stop taking it while you mess around with deciding wether its ok or not. Did you not know I can have seizures if I suddenly stop it? NO if another pill could be substituted I wouldnt be taking these drastic assed meds DUH!!!!!!!!! Ummmmmmmm geez- I guess I am ranting against SS with you huh?

mysti said...

I hope you have a wonderful weekend Tart! Hope your chicken turned out good too if you tried it. I posted the flower box that I painted on my site for ya. Hope to talk with you soon!