Monday, May 15, 2006

Finally Loving Yourself or We ALL deserve to FLY!

How weird is this? I just signed up with FLYLady ( and here's today's Virgo horoscope care of MSN:

Does your house look as if a cyclone hit it, dear Virgo? Your tidy nature should drive you to clean it up thoroughly. Don't be surprised, however, if, first of all, in the course of wading through the mess, you discover some lost objects you'd thought gone forever. Secondly, once you finish the job, you'll probably find that the place looks beautiful - better than it did before it was messed up! Something good can indeed come out of chaos!

FLYLady even uses the word CHAOS. Its an acronym and my moddled brain has forgotten what it means.

The FLY means Finally Loving Yourself. She 'babysteps' you though cleaning your house and your life for that matter. Its just what Tart needs I'll tell you that. I'm one of the ladies that mean men with jobs complain about sometimes: no knowledge of how to do things and man resents me getting to stay home all day and do nothing. No Husband doesn't say these things (quite yet) that was from an artice I read off of Retro Housewife, another 'housewife' blog I found. Whew, for every one of us trying to get it together, there seems to be a man that resents our opportunity to be home and work on it.

I let that one go. It's a tough cruel world out there and I feel sorry for the ones that buy all the baloney. I also have no time for those who only see their own existence whatever it may be and cannot comprehend or even care that there's pretty much a unique one for each of us.

I had a lovely time last week or so going to CharlesTown Races in W.Va. It was a drive and I went with one of my very best guy friends and his brother. Friend is a great guy, suffers from an illness (of the mental nature) and brother is frankly an a**hole. He essentially works very hard, has to completely support himself (which is completely understandable and commendable for that matter), lives in fact in a VERY nice and expensive area all the while comparing himself to his brother (who he resents and says terrible critical things to. Tart had to bite her lip and try not to intervene.) and compares himself to everyone person he perceives has got more than himself. In short, a very insecure, blustery person that Tart never wants to be stuck in the back of his car for any amount of time again, EVER! Mostly, I just feel sorry for him. Easy trap, but you've got to be above it.

I don't know if your church, religion or whatever introduced this thought to you but it is a big one from the 'church of choice I had as a youth' that Doctor hated so much. But here it is:

"Be in the World, not of it."

Meaning: Live on Earth folks, and our crazy but Beloved American culture, but don't fall for the pitfalls like money being most important, power in your job, nice clothes, cars, all of it.

It's your life and I assure you with 100% accuracy that people don't put amassed a fortune or any of this other cr*p that you might think is so important in their obituaries. Nope. They put 'surrounded by family' as he passed away. Or 'great and loving father, husband, and great-grandfather. His grandchildren were the love of his life.' I typed it DAY after DAY. In the end, its the people that matter. That was interesting to see what the last written public copy would be about you. It's just a fact. If you've got a family and better yet, one that really does love you, it's a great thing.

I think friend's brother needed attitude adjustment, and maybe someday he might get one in a not-so-good way, like the bottom might fall out for him or something like that. We are very blessed my friend and I that we have been through such horrible things and that we don't have much money that we can sooooo appreciate the simple wonderful stuff. After all that's what life is about!

I really like FLYLady so far, although I'm supremely lazy and haven't attempted too much AND I'll have a great upcoming post on the graduation celebration for a friend I went to and how GOOD I, Tart, did!!


mysti said...

I will have to check flylady out! Sounds like a good place to get horoscope. I also agree with you about living, but not for earthly things. When we leave this earth nothing material goes with us. It is much more worth your time and energy working toward soul things. Love, kindness, generosity, compassion, empathy ect. Making wonderful memories for the people in ones life is so much more meaningful then working forever for money and such.

'Tart said...

Oh Mysti I agree with you! That's basically what I meant too, you can't take any material thing with you when leaving this earth, only your soul and I hope you get to bring the things you remember and the loved ones to see, hopefully we can all be so lucky. On earth its about love between people or love you create in your family and the sweet things of the planet, certainly not money, cars or other ridiculous stuff.
Also, FLYLady is at, totally different from the horoscope. The horoscope was yesterdays MSN thing for me, I have them put it on the page for me. FLYLady will help you clean up your house, body, and life. I just started with her, but I'm impressed. I'll have to say more about her on the actual blog. And THANK YOU for answering my plea of help for my lack of parmesan cheese. I used feta and I thought it was good! We will talk more about how to connect when one or the other's not Iming and you will be a definite consultant as I figure out how to do a new blog of recipes. I sure hope it will fun! Talk to you soon!

Raine said...

hmmmmm what is this recipe where you can subsitute feta cheese for parmesian?? ( raines cooking compulsion rears its head) LOLOL . I agree we arent remembered for our money, but I do think life is much easier if we have SOME:P