Friday, May 5, 2006

The say, 'Beauty did kill the Beast'

Cheetah, Namibia, Africa

Argentine Horn Frog

All I ever do is rant and rave, eh? I read what I said below about at least sounding sane on this this, my blog. Oh I hope you rolled your eyes! ALL I do is go off and write about all the hideousness in my world. It's okay, none of us are in denial now.

Well, I've got a gorgeous Siamese laying across my lap. I've got a freer life now and I do enjoy it. My husband is a good guy...oh while we're at it, lets discuss him.

I know not everybody is as lucky as me. I may be scourged with bipolar and have the emotionally continuity sometimes of a flitting fly BUT I found me a good man. If that's gonna bother you read no more more.....

....Okay, this man knew me two years before I had a full blown psychotic episode that landed me in a State mental hospital for 6 (holy cow, that's right) 6 months. That amount of time is unheard of unless you are truly bonkers sick :) because that's a whole lot of insurance...well, blah, blah I'm not ranting about that. ANYway, he moved my things from the apartment I was living in with a friend, to my mother's house, came to the hospital to have me get out of my lease (God only knows what I signed but it turned out great) visited when he could, called all the time and saw me in the worst condition of my life and yes, friends it was bad and stuck by me. All the while he had the Navy to deal with and cruises and all of that.

When he eventually got a job out here in the civil world he used his skills as a top notch technician and firecontrollman in the Navy to get a job fixing other people's computer, telephone, printer, you name it problems. He did manage to get an Associate's Degree, but nothing further.

Yes, I'm montrously proud of him. My God, I love him so much. We have been to hell and back and that is not just a cliche. What a blessing from God that we could have such a sweet life after all that and it just keeps going.

We knew each other 13 years before we got married. Yup, we've got issues, and life is not. as we all know, rosy and perfect. I don't want to say goofy things about marriage because I don't know what to say, rules or whatever. But it seems to be going good. That's one bottom that I don't ever want to fall out, and luckily I think he feels pretty strong about it too.


Ya know, I don't know what the real tie of a cheetah and a frog are. I was going to say they can both kill you - one obviously from speed and teeth the other, if it was poisonous (which I don't know if they are, but check out the color!) At the same time they are both simply beautiful to look at.

There need be no sense to life or blog.

I'm working on putting some of my personal Jungle pics up. Even have video, don't know if that will work or not.


Raine said...

I am so very happy you have a good man in your life. They are few and far between in all worlds, even the normies dont get them often. I got lucky with mine too. He had met me when I was 21 and we were both with other people then, but he had always remembered me and wondered. We saw each other online and he came running. He says he'll take all the bad days I have cause the good ones make it all worthwhile. He got to know me before bi-polar reared its ugly head and he stills sees that person here. isnt that cool???

'Tart said...

Yours mirrors mine in many ways. I met him when I was 21 and he says the same things (on good days he'll admit it. Other times he looks at me like I'm a gone crazy creature, which, well apparently I can be!)

Yes, that is so cool. :)