Sunday, May 21, 2006

Disclaimer: Writer suffering from cramps and massive whore-moans

Like a dummy I never think to take meds for silly things like cramps or physical ailments. Probably cause I take so many meds in general, perhaps I am thinking a side effect will be pain relief. Hah! Or maybe because it's so hard for me to remember to take the pschotropic/blood pressure/thryroid mix as it is, OR far more plausible, it does so much for me daily (Hah!) that I forget there's fast acting pain medication that actually might WOrK!!

For those shocked to pieces by my word for hormones above I was thinking outside a moment ago how men have been naming things for centuries and what the! with that? Hormones sound like whore-moans, Freud called women going off to him (imagine a world where you had to let it loose on Freud. He looked to wrapped up tight, so tight he'd need to write to work it out.) hystrionics and we get the removal of our main girl thing, the baby maker as a hysterectomy. Imagine Freud speaking to a lady who's had no one to get her Victorian problems out to: Now, Madam pwease calm down. Pewhaps we can yank out youw female pawrts and solve this (Tell me you don't think the jerk talked like Tweety Bird?!!).

Oh, blessed be Tart, have you no respect for the 'father of psychology' the person who figured out a bunch of ID, Ego and important sounding crap that no one even uses anymore? A guy addicted to cocaine and a prick in general?

No, folks, no respect here. Just another man taking ADVANTAGE of well mannered Victorian men and women and basing his findings about humanity on a period of time where it was illegal for women to show their ankles. Do you think those folks were waiting for the coal to be shoved up their bottom and make em rich with the ensuing enourmous diamond?

Oh my hysterical uterus is Really hurting me. I can't take it no more. Whore-moaner, out.


mysti said...

OMGOSH I will never be able to say hormones again with out thinking of whore moans!!! ROFLMBO Omgosh..... Ya know I am the same way in my thinking on some things..... Who IN The world thought women should shave their legs????? MEN Who invented Nylons???? MEN...... Men flat out piss me off with their women torture inventions...... So now I get to think of the words men invented.... I am now freaking pissed at the word Whore moan.....


Raine said...

I totally agree on Freud!! I think he was one sick f*ck . A cigar IS just a Cigar :P

Mark (Lord of the Idiots) said...

Hope your Uteral Nightmare thingy works itself out......Hang in there! Good luck with SS. I know I had to get a lawyer to help me get SS Disability benefits, I wonder if a lawyer might be able to help straighten this out for you. It might cost you, but it will be less than what SS wants back from you. Just a thought. Good luck!