Tuesday, May 2, 2006

Friends.com anyone?

What is it with friends?

Why are there Match.com, Harmony.com, etc. all for hooking up with romantic love? Why do people seem to flock to that stuff and why do so many women feel lost, not right, or empty without a boyfriend or being married?

Why couldn't there be a Friends.com or something similar with the simple purpose of helping you find sexless friend relationships. Why doesn't anyone care about the the value of friends?

I could use a Friends.com. I am lucky, I think, because I had some great friends in my past. My childhood best friend is still a good friend of mine but she lives a state away. I also had three truly wonderful friends during my college years. One is married with two children and works (Husband stays at home w/ the kids), the other, her sister, I just visited tonight. She is hurting because she lost one of her beloved cats (as in, her furbaby passed away) and the other is very ill. She is like me, her pets are her children. It was nice hanging out with her, watched "Meet the Fockers" for the 3rd time and still loved it, and it was great to just be with an old friend.

The third is trying my patience. I am upset. She was in fact my very best friend. I haven't spoken to her since her Christmas calls to old friends. She's graduating now with a Master's and I received an invitation and invite to her party. But I have been trying to discern if she really even wants to talk to me anymore. Being invited to her stuff may just be an etiquette thing, as she and her Mom do the 'proper' thing. I was told not to bug her because she is busy and I was okay with that for a while, so in the process of waiting for her to call me, I haven't heard a thing. I am left out of her life and this is the one person that really matters to me to know again. I have called her and emailed and received no answer. Honestly, it just hurts, because if she would just email me it would make me feel loads better. I haven't actually responded to her invites yet.

I think there is some issue going on for her concerning me. Whatever it is, I know its not my fault so I don't feel bad in that way. But I have been shut out of her life and it has been bugging me for a looong time. Over time, I have gotten less emotional about it but I think its getting cruel.

So if you know about Friends.com or something similar, let me know. I guess I'm ready to start again.

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