Wednesday, August 1, 2007

The Orchid Killer I Sleep With

We've been fixing up a room at the homestead, for exercise, big music, TV watching, AND guest room! So we've Ikea'd it up with wall unit for holding all that receiver,cd (multichanger), speaker stuff (read:Husband heaven). Then, cute lil unit for next to bed that I said if we get that, I get to get a flower again (since it will have a place to sit on). So at IKEA they have flowers, orchids, and I just love them so much! Well, last one I got, Kitty got in under a week. First he started with the flowers, one each day. You'd think I'd wise up to the outcome. No, end with all blooms gone, flower/plant chunked and dead. It's to my credit that despite my great sadness at what Kitty had done, he's still alive, we pet him everyday and love the Mean Orchid Killer. He cain't help himself. It's a sickness. We're fully aware.

So door to Exercise/Music/Flower haven must be shut after people leave, because of the gorgeous Siamese with monster fangs and a history of deflowering my orchids.

And it's such a pretty orchid, too. Maybe I'll take a pic, in the hopes that it will still be here in another month, or to mourn it's loss when taken from us, either way. Maybe I'll put up a pic of Fang-face someday. Maybe.


Raine said...

my friend used to put plastic forks in her plants tine side up- to keep the cats away. if they got near the dirt anyway- the forks would poke em in the rear end. I dont know if this will save your blossoms but it will save the soil around the plants

'Tart said...

That is just funny. And he would get so pissed to get poked in the rear!!

Ivy said...

I had a cat that would attack my ivys.. I had claw marks in many leaves..