Saturday, August 25, 2007

Welcome to the Jungle!

I really do have a cat and a dog. They know they are not simply 'cat,' 'dog' but Siamese and Pug. It's not that I'm some kind of elitest, it just happens to be true. Okay, we treat them like furkids but I couldn't imagine it any other way!

I have not published pics of them, at least not for a long time, and so maybe you should just enjoy that I have broken down and now present them here!

Okay, Okay - These are not mine! But they ARE Alpacas and I really, really want some. They are sweet and mostly silent, like cats. Within 5 minutes of this picture they were swarming around Husband, nose to nose and really had him surrounded. It always happens. I work so hard to get a pet in our family, and they end up liking him the most! Sheesh.

Reese kitty, Siamese cat extraordinaire. If you are impressed, go online to the Siamese Cat Rescue and get yourself one! We had good experiences with them. He's so beautiful that I am sure he would do well in real competition. He is even neutered so well that it fooled a vet tech at my vet, at first. But neutered cats can only be entered in the Household Cat division which I'm sure he'd win, but he is so people shy, I think he'd hate it. He has red-eye in this pic, in reality he has gorgeous blue-blue eyes.

See more of his coloration. He's really perfect - black arms, tail, ears and face. Almond/white body with perfect color stratiations. Oh and did I mention Mr. Man's fangs? You can't see them, but they are there. He has killed two mice and we have boasted and bragged about him everytime. We really are proud parents.

Emma dog! This is my Pug baby. That 'look' is her begging for a grape. I had video and it was so cute because she spits out the grape because that's how she plays with it! I love her, I love her! There's a curly tail hiding in back too. Both animals are too smart for their own booties!:)

Paddy-Pug! She is cute as a dickens! This my Mom's Pug standing here with curled up tail. Those are water provisions for Mom's long journeys in the RV and yes, Paddy is there for everything! That funny round toilet-looking thing is Paddy's water dish - it will not fall over! Great for little travelers.

Oh yes, we end this with Paddy. She is like Emma but different, she looks more like your average Pug, basically. I love this pic because this is a typical insolent face she makes, it's the stubborn look. I did photoshop this pic. She had typical blue-eye, a common picture condition for young Pugs because the back of the retina is still so wide (my vet explained, 'cause Emma had the same problem). These are our sweet babies, enjoy.