Friday, August 3, 2007

Oh the (Insensitive) Stigma!

Was looking on BP Guy’s site and he has this bookmark for a site about mental illness, stop the stigma.

Somehow, this got me thinking about when I told my Husband’s grandmother that I am bipolar. I think she first had to consider that this did not mean I was gay. Once this was determined her first words were ‘But you don’t seem crazy.’ I realized, or tried to, that in her vernacular that was meant to be sensitive.

I’m thinking I must not be as frickin’ sensitive as Husband is always saying, because it’s only NOW that I’m thinkin’ things like ‘Gee, if someone hit the old bat with an iron skillet her life force would PROBABLY not ebb away that fast.' You know, insensitive fuckin’ things like that.

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