Thursday, August 30, 2007


The Goldman family prints O.J.Simpson's/ghost written book about how he 'might' have killed their sister. When book first comes out there was universal disgust at its its suggestion. Now that they are using it to make the money that the sack was supposed to pay them in the first place, and claim it's okay now because its proof of his confession, my question is:

Are we supposed to buy it or not? Are we supporting a good cause or further spreading salaciousness, as originally thought?

We were supposed to boycott it, you dumbasses. Now it turns out to be number one on Amazon's top 100. Are we insensitive pigs or sending a well deserved donation to the Goldmans?

Money from Diana's legacy is going to help with Peru's recent earthquake. My question is:

Could we have a little Diana money to rebuild New Orleans? When is American going to cash in from any other country or beautiful relationship outside the U.S. (umm. Diana is all that comes to mind. Unless Fergie is donating Weight Watcher's money)we've helped in the past, to help rebuild any part of what is known as 'the greatest country in the world?' President Bush will fry for his indifference to black people, but I know Diana would have cared.

On the same note, if there is an earthquake, flood, tsunami, political upheaval, shooting, or personal death in the family in ANY OTHER COUNTRY in the world, America/The Red Cross/The American people out of their own pockets will come running to help and alleviate suffering. America has natural disasters, terrorist disasters, shootings, mine collapses, bridge collapses, crime rampant in the streets and on the internet, idiots in charge who do nothing about ANY of these disasters and who comes running to our aid? NOBODY.

I am incensed and expect a refund.

No aid to ANYONE until Ward 9 is rebuilt. Didn't Pres. Bush's daddy ever give him an allowance or teach him anything about money management? Told him to eat his peas or there would be no dessert? If so, that went out the window the day he was forced to piss his own pants and say, 'Me, really me, they voted ME INTO OFFICE??!!'

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Raine said...

yeah I kinda think we ought to be taking care of our own people first. we have mentally ill people living in the streets homeless without any medical care and the government doesnt do shit for them, yet we can give billions to other countries. All kinds of people running round here without any medical care, cause they cant afford insurance , in a large city here in california, working people were living in tents because even tho they were working, they couldnt afford housing........ yet we can give away all this money to other countries and not help our own citizens. It makes me sick