Friday, August 3, 2007

Please use 'GoodSearch' (Oh! And a Well-deserved excruciating Death to Abusers of all kinds Everywhere!)

Warning: Disturbing discussion, especially in last paragraph. Just warning you 'Sensitive Types,' God love ya!

I know I am not far reaching, but that has never stopped me before. I want to spread the word about a fantastic charity - calling all animal lovers - and a really potentially effective way to help it, without ever shelling moolah out of your pockets.

Charity: Save A Pet
Concept: Install the 'GoodSearch' search engine toolbar and use it on a regular basis when looking up things. It's powered by Yahoo and tell it your charity of choice is Save A Pet.

Physically located in the Brentwood, NY area and of course having a great presence on the web with many ways to help, all you have to do is look at It only takes two stories of brutality to make me bawl, but then again, I am premenstrual. Go ahead and test your fortitude when you read the real life crap that people do to animals. You better hold and adore your furry friend(s) when you do, promising them they will NEVER have a life like that.

See, I know that religion and God and Jesus are all about people. And thankfully there are books that pointedly and exactfully point out that 'all flesh' meaning animals too, hello, are up for salvation. I'm pretty sure that all other flesh (animals) have it made, and it's people that are the ones needing to look out for their eternal souls (especially the lady who nearly starved the dog to death to proof a 'point' to ex-husband. I'm thinking if that bitch doesn't change her ways it's straight to Hell-o for her, know what I mean? And I wouldn't mind helping her get there a little quicker, cum sa?). Anyway, clearly in my eyes many, many people are VILE. It apparently takes a rocket scientest too for many people to see that even the meanest, most bitter dog did not get that way without a vile sack of shit (human) to turn him into such. Again, animal: major points, 'human': zero.

Oh, this is a perfect platform to say something about Michael Vick. I have refrained because I did not not want that kind of vileness upon my site. But, Google or GoodSearch (!) your way here, you'll find something useful (GoodSearch - use it people!), so that rocks exceedingly in my world! I would like to say about the sack of shit known as Mr. Vick (I think he should change his name to that like Prince changed his to blah, blah) that I was Very Disappointed in PETA on the day of his arraignment in Richmond (VA). I would have gladly been the person to take the rap for pouring a bucket of blood on the son of a bitch. I also have some creative ways for his well deserved sentence. My special sentence for animal and sexual predators/abusers are similar: After the sentence is announced, do not waste anybody's time or money on all the usual extracurricular crap. Place Evil Individual on tarp (located handily in courtroom). Cut off balls. Or just one if you like. Sexual predators can just bleed out. This son of a bitch gets electrocuted, strangled and slammed to the ground, just like he did his innocents. I'm talking to the balls.
Yeah, well I told you I just didn't want to go there, right? But now this stops the need for explanation for what I'd like to do to the next unbelievable bastard, savvy?

Have a pleasant day, and don't forget to use GoodSearch!!:)

Yeah, I know this is a good one and your dying to steal it. Which is a great way to put it (dying, duh head), because I'll find you, hunt you down, and treat you like the vile criminal that would make you. Good day!


Raine said...

a little manic today tart? I'm looking at the times of your posts and I have never seen you post so much in a single day. You ok girlfrend?

'Tart said...

Fabulous. Probably in cranky mode, now. Or maybe that's because I'm premenstraul. Nobody cares here unless I'm psychotic or crying endlessly.

So, if I'm calm enough to type or talk normally, it's all good. What can I say? It's almost heavenly, no? I am so lucky.