Thursday, August 30, 2007

That's hokie.

Oh, and here's where I am going to piss off a lot of people.

Today's headline: V.A. Tech could have saved lives

I see. If the leaders of VA Tech had a mystic medium giving them the coordinants, thought processes, and walking path of the murderer and the school would have alerted the parents of the potentially soon to be deceased to come pick up their children before they were killed would that make these cry babies happy? There is always someone AFTER a horrific, shocking, traumatic episode that occurs in this country that says, "Ya'll could have done better." You should have done this and this, and then my baby girl, my darling boy, would not be dead.

Life doesn't work like that. In your grief you have lost sight of reality. I could feel sorry for you if you would shut your trap and just grieve or be pissed in general that it happened or formed a new Society for ....Something Helpful. But to pretend that there is either a rewind button or a way to know things beforehand makes me dislike you. In all obviousness - there is no school in the country that is or was prepared for this. Period. They made me accept reality with the blue pill, why can't you?!

Further, you sent your child to a school that didn't have a SWAT Team or a Protection from A Murderer that Might Kill Lots of People Squad, or a 'people's been murdered. Come pick yers out Notification System.' And if you are so sure that they were supposed to have all those things BEFOREHAND, then YOU ARE TO BLAME FOR SENDING YOUR KID THERE, if you want to play those games. Again, you ain't thinkin' straight, and I just stopped feeling sorry for you.

Perhaps you are just not paying your educators enough to be heros as well. Isn't that what it comes to? These people, the ones educating and housing your children were never paid or trained on how to react on what to do in a shocking, medical, emergency - and how can you have the gall to demand that they do/did? If your child had never learned CPR would you tell him what a failure he was for not acting like a doctor, even though it was the only thing that could have helped in a traumatic situation? If you were a good parent you would be sad for the situation but you wouldn't be angry and make your kid responsible.

The mental case that shot your kid is responsible.

He did not 'go loco' enough beforehand to be put away. Yes, he was scary and there were human errors as to why he didn't 'get stopped.' Nobody really psycho-analyzes English papers for weirdness (not then) and they certainly didn't/ don't act on their feelings that something wasn't right (as we ALL know, why trust your feelings?!). And those silly gun laws, well it was Virginia. Heck, Ebay's worldwide. In none of these true let downs do I see it being the college's fault. Are you just too pc to blame the family? Why don't we bear down on them as hard as you feel on the school. Because that will certainly make it all better.

And look here. People get killed in this country all the time. Workers get killed on the job, soldiers get killed in the field, people die in hospitals for questionable reasons, people get murdered every so many minutes on the clock. But I never in my life heard so much whining, so much of whatever is your problem for a bunch of people that most likely Carefully Chose where they were sending their son or daughter and then PAID MONEY TO KEEP THEM IN THAT SITUATION. If there ever was a time when the true innocents, just a couple of those murdered on the hour every hour, for instance, should have one iota of the face time, the media time, any time to talk about their wishes, desires, what should have happened and make the rest of us have to wallow in it - IT SHOULD BE THEM, NOT you.

And the Prosecution rests. Touchdown! Halleluyah & AMEN, and I'm Oooouut!!

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