Tuesday, August 14, 2007

No Sleep, Morrisette's Musings & the Great Elizabeth Taylor (No She Hasn't Kicked Off!)

So, I haven't slept at all tonight. Turns out that Seroquel really isn't enough to knock me out, I need my Lunesta. I have been out of it for a few days, including this past evening and have finally procured it from my drug store after literally days of hounding my doc.'s office (regular doc) to please respond to the drug store's request for refill. My experience with all doctors is as follows: the more competent the Dr., the more incompetent the staff. So that requires the consumer to make a decision: do I want an awesome Dr. and deal with his staff's inability to do the simplest things (my choice at present time) or do I finally get pissed with incompetent staff, ask for the form to get my records and leave them with one less person to bilk for their insurance pleasure needs (done this many a time).

Alrighty then. What I really want to talk about today is some vaccuous happiness! Yes, it's been so long. Before I do I will share what is helping me be a calmer, more centered person today.

In my flipping of the channels throughout the night, I saw 'Cribs MTV' with Alanis Morrisette's house on display. As in, Ms. Morrisette was showin' her crib herself, complete with little 'asian altars' and other various multicultural furnishings. I was impressed however by her very pagan/Buddhist altar in her room where she has crystals (hasn't been my thing since college), candles, and apparently performs 'cleansings' for herself and friends, depending on the negative vibe or experience that needs to be weeded out. Anyway, she said something like she does this to remind herself why she is on the planet, that sort of thing, and admitted that she needs to be reminded often. Very human, and oh so interesting for this bipolar, I'll tell you that.

I still believe in Jesus & the Bible, etc., and I'm starting to feel a wee bit guilty because that Buddism stuff is sounding really good, as I don't recall anything in my religious experience that immediately goes for a mediatory cleansing, or flat out encourages such centeredness. I'm not trying to mess with anyone's religious anything, I really don't want to mess mine/or lack of mine. But it certainly was interesting and managed to make me feel better somehow, and so I say so.

Alright. So today's vaccousness is: Ms. Elizabeth Taylor! I have the Time Life book on Hollywood and right on the cover is the utterly stunning Ms. Taylor while in bloom of her unbelievably gorgeous youth. I believe that with coverage like she had in the day, beauty that was unrivaled - there was a price to pay. That I believe, besides living long enough to have some literally back breaking illnesses, is to grow old enough to not have any of her leading men around and instead be surrounded by the insolent youth who didn't know her back then, and who tattle and b_tch behind her back. Shame on them!

Not too long ago, I heard them say Ms. Taylor fired people who would not have s_x with her, and that some staff felt like a 'human trampoline,' make your own inference. I find this utterly silly, considering the truth is, much like Franklin D. Roosevelt, she is mostly wheel chair bound and doesn't want the public to know it. If she's got the kind of libido to perform what they are saying, at this age I frankly say, 'More Power to Her!' This woman has had the most husbands, she's got the world's most fabulous jewelry and even if she had Alzeimer's (which no one has ever said, nor is there proof of) and was living in a complete fantasy world (entirely possible without a devastating illness) I still say she is fabulous and more interesting, talented than anyone this generation has chugged out. She also had the opportunity to work with the greatest actors: Brando, Newman, Burton, Montgomery (Ward?), just to name ones off the top of my head. Great movies: Cleopatra, Butterfield 8, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, soooo many more, and of course, well-deserved Oscars.

Wear all the contacts you want, Fergie, Gwen, Madonna, Christina, Mariah, Whitney, Scarlett, Reese, Nicole, Meryl, etc. - you will NEVER have naturally violet eyes. I see few stars/starlets of today ever having the staying power of Elizabeth Taylor or the fortitude to withstand old age as she is exhibiting. And how many people of her rank/caliber (read: loaded with money) get mad about something as devastating as AID's (her beloved friend Rock Hudson died of it, talk about stigma, Darling!) and just rock the world by practically establishing a fund/and continuing public awareness where she still speaks about it, still works it. If she were to die tomorrow and I admit putting her at the top of my 2007 Pool of the Dead (to be explained below), these are things that people should say and focus on about her. Now, the pictures. Um, mostly stolen from MSN, I 'think:' she's beautiful thin, she's beautiful a little plump, still a source of fascination and always, always Darling: talented.

Elizabeth w/ Richard Burton_1967 - She looks positively happy. I have always liked her predilection for malteses and the fact she won't leave home w/out them, even to this day.

I saved this as: Elizabeth, Anne of The Again Great Britain (I'm going to assume its a name of a movie. I don't know EVERYthing!) Look at her 'daywear' jewelry. Good golly, it's stunning!

Elizabeth Taylor_Anne of the Thousand Days_1969 Can't get over how pretty she is.

Elizabeth Taylor, Suddenly Last Summer_1959 Definitely in her youth. Can't help thinking this would be unbelievable in color.

Elizabeth Taylor_off MSN This is the young/thin stuff like the cover of the Time/Life Hollywood book. Insanely gorgeous.

Elizabeth Taylor w/ Richard Burton_1964 What a volatile relationship! Married and divorced this guy twice, I know that much. 'Taming of the Shrew,' boy that was a little too real I think. That was like marital therapy caught on film.

What is the 'Pool of the Dead?' Right around the time Anna Nicole kicked off, Husband's fellow office worker started a Pool of the Dead, where you could pick 10+ an extra that you thought would die in the year 2007. Whosoever had the most correct, as the most who died off their list, was to be treated to a free drink. I made our list with the understanding I get a free dinner since I don't drinkola. Well, of course, ANS was off limits (as if ANYone would have predicted THAT!) and 'unfortunately' Merv wasn't on mine (I don't know if anyone else picked him). As sick as it all sounds, I am an obituary hound by nature and it makes some famous old person's death a little more palatable, eh?! Oh, except my +person is Dale Earnhardt Jr., which Husband noted is kinda cruel, but hey, oh so plausible, no? And there you have it. Picks are in stone when we turn them in and we just have to wait for all the ravages of Death until the strike of midnight Dec. 31! And you thought pools were baby births and silly stuff like that!

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