Sunday, August 5, 2007

More responses to the Slate thing (Do-ho-hooo-hoozies!)

Hey thank you to Mysti's comment to my last post. It's your's and this lady who actually posted on Slate (boo Slate) that both really did make my day. Of course, all things attract numnuts and I've quite a ringer below. So, I had to burn her a new hole. I know, wasting my skills on the undeserving, but that really is life, no?

This from Ms. Dee, concerning the response I made (it's in the last post.):

WOW!! You got them tiger!! You did it, you got to the bare minimum of the point. I am impressed indeed!
While wasting precious time in and out on here I have read some wonderful post, some mediocre and some down right stupidly painful ones. But yours..... it had volume, I could mentally hear it..... I'd mention more about my trials and tribs as a working and/or sahm but you might steal it for your book!! LOL..... Thanks for giving me the closure I needed to end this now I can go relax after dishes, one more load of laundry, and if time permits a game of yahtzee with my teens who still dig doing things with me. HMMM? Not bad for a Slummy Mummy!!

My response to her:

Mwanh! I love ya, and you made my day! Go rock those dice, and tell those kids it's always cool to give a hug and smooch to such a cool mom!

So this attracted a shark. Perhaps she thought I was too 'nice' to say anything back? Calueless wonder:

Re: Reviewer: Quell the Slacker Voice! I say: A Bunch of You Need a Dose of Reality, mitfish 08/05/2007, 12:30 AM #
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I should have stopped reading at (no kids yet). I'm laughing at the "yet". Would love to see what you had to say a short 5 months after "yet" was over. Yeah, I don't like smug, holier than thou mommies either. But I'm starting to understand where the attitude is coming from. It's from dealing with people with yours. I have 2 children,(3 and 1 years old) and I have 3 advanced degrees. I got much more opportunity to be a slacker getting those degrees than I ever do now!

AND, a new hole is burned. Yes, I really posted this and I see no reason not to be super proud. I couldn't help myself and God did not stop me:

Whatever mit. Your response makes no sense to me. Are you b_tching because a person with no children would make a response? Tell me, why is it I should care about Your reality? I think I have done government, taxpayers and my family a favor for staying on birth control, considering that psychosis while pregnant is a real REALITY for ME! What the h_ll do you know about THAT?

I haven't yet begun to clutter up Slate or much better reading venues with the truth about my existence, and when I do I won't give a damn that you're picking up binkies or trying to convince yourself that you made the right decisions.

I know bipolar, I know counter culture, I know the underbelly of society like the endless unhelpfulness of the state mental hospital system. I offer my two cents because there obviously needs to be somebody who can WRITE (hello, got MY degree AFTER a killer psychosis and still went on to be human and get a degree, you smug, useless/clueless f_ck!) and stand up for people who clearly are just getting their footing, a voice and (gasp!) writing books!

As an almost literary aside, for all the cutting on the 'energy' of the book being reviewed, well, I think that was all the reviewer really had to say that had anything to do with the BOOK, the way it was written. The rest was jealousy from all those who wish they could wear pajamas and blah, blah, blah. Jealousy is ugly, and is near impossible to hide, not in this pathetic review or your pathetic life. That's right, for all that people like you want to insinuate that mine and thousands if not millions more people's lives are pathetic I say to you, 'Hah! YOU are pathetic, jealous, and Gosh Darn it, nobody DOES like you!'

When you're crying alone somewhere in your house after hubby went to work, just remember burning bridges with those clueless people that at least know they they are honest with themselves might just have been the worst thing you've done. Why is it the wrong people feel driven to suicide? Instead, the rest of you keep on holding on, boring the rest of us, and crapping up/populating the planet. You could have 5 degrees and still not rectify or explain to me why the hell you've got to do any of that.

AND that covers it, so far. :)

Mysti, my dear, you know there are so many blowholes, boring people (you know, the Perfects that think we care about their crap), mean people, deluded people (well we're getting on the fringe of the ones I actually like!) that keep on blogging, writing, expressing themselves and I just can't see a reason why Your Voice, Your Thoughts, Your Feelings, Your Illness(es) should not be out there! It's not about comparison, it's about those idiots having the nerve to clutter up my internet and life with their cr_p and you not getting to because, frankly you're too polite or didn't want to bother someone or whatever it is. I get told all the time to 'keep on writing, be yourself, don't care what others think' by numnuts I've never heard of, never been to their site and probably won't. So GO FOR IT! It is good, it is patriotic, it is correct before God, that you have a voice and say whatever you WANT! Please repeat as necessary.

Let not one of us be deterred because of what the outside world thinks. I know for my part, Clearly this world was not made, not crafted, NOT for me, and it really doesn't seem to care about me. Which gives me enormous leeway to tell them off when necessary and just basically do what I want.

What are they gonna do? Put me in the Quiet Room, strap me down, and feed/stick me in the bottom w/ Thoriazine? Leave me frightened, helpless, and potentially hopeless? Force to me to be in a criminal environment as a complete innocent sick person for months on end? DONE IT ALL. This means I'm potentially scareless and I find that funny. Long live the 'Tart. I haven't even begun to fight. I owe that world nothing, yet I still stay and give, put up with it and often forget how it has sc_ewed me. It is quite freeing when I remember! Thanks to all the a__holes that made that possible!

Of course, that's not YOU, dear reader! :) Thank YOU for your support. (Of course, if you're not giving support, I don't want it!) (Bartles & James, circa 1980's, w/ 'changes.') The Potential Fact that you exist means somebody reads this. Because, I write it anyway!!! Ha!Have...a...great...DAY! :)


Dreaming Mage said...

I am so lame for taking so long to ever respond to you.

This response has nothing to do with your post, it has to do with my lame-ness at never responding... I am trying to fix that

I read you frequently, as you may have guessed by your inclusion on my links section.

hopefully, I will have something substantive to say next time.


MYSTI said...

Hugs my friend Tart. Dang girlfriend, you made me cry. Good cry that is. I love ya, you know it, and It is you and a few special others that I know care that I will keep blogging for, and well myself. Hugs my friend.


wolfbaby said...

OMG i love this...

i wish I could tell people off in that beatiful way!! seriously,... i need to take lessons!!

'Tart said...

Well. First of all, Mage, as usual I Respect Your Honesty, that you have not, in fact, read my stuff. AND, because I in fact love you too, I am just tickled that you made your presence known and made a responseroo.

On THAT note, however, you really should start reading beCAUSE, I'm starting to produce some of my best cr_p ever! Yes, it's evident even to me, because I'm just sensitive and bipolar and stuff. SO! You come back Darlin' and tell me what you think. I'm always waiting and wondering to hear what you think and as ALWAYS, I really do appreciate your support.
:) Tart

'Tart said...

LA-dies! (Mysti, Wolfbaby)
WHAT would my life without my blog-friends' love? The truth is, I posted my O-pinions on Slate (a truly crappy site, I am NOT going back, Ever!) because you gotta let them normie b_tches know, cum sa (I think this is another way to say 'savvy' , um I hope)! But I post it here because this (the blog) is more of reality for me, plus I did not work that hard to not put it on the blog-gola, you know!
I am proud that I am me, whether in the 'real world' (give me a break) or here on my beloved b_tch-fest, my blog. As always, you know that I am glad that anything I might do/say might inspire, soothe, and make life better for my Flowers, my Friends. Thanks for letting me know what you think, because that means so much to me.
Your Tart

Anonymous said...

numb nuts has a 'b' in it.
as in 'numb'...

when you break a slang term down to its meaning, you often find the true spelling

just sayin'

'Tart said...

I am super proud that my blog is read by readers from all over the world (totally true) and I am glad even when I connect it to what was going on on the Fray (Slate, need I say more). Now my readers get to see even more true colors from the 'finest and best in normie hysterical women this country has to offer.'

I'm not shocked that an 'Anonymous' comes to me from that forum, one who wishes to cut on something utterly inane (my spelling?) while showing her complete inability to punctuate, and as always, is too much of a coward to be someone any of us could care about.

Honey, my spelling is nearly impeccable, I don't consult books/online/spell check, and haven't had an incorrect spelling word to fix for a teacher since 2nd grade. Play with words if you like, it won't change that you seem to be incapable to actually say anything about the post at hand. I'm thinking 'white-bread normie with no life gets overwhelmed by bipolar blogger.' There's no other explanation for your inability to comment ON THE POST(s)!! To cut on my spelling is utterly inane and SAD considering most people can't spell their family name correctly, let alone WRITE & EXPRESS themselves and if THAT's the only thing misspelled (whatever tittle you can find) (and in this case I think remaining 'numb' might just be the best thing for you) then I think I'll download ALL of it and send it to my publisher immediately.

Don't blog much, do ya? You'll have a hard time finding someone who can let it out with such veracity AND can spell it at the same time.

I DON'T know what you'd really like to say, but I can tell you: I think you are pathetic, and if that's cutting on me, WELL! I profess ouch.