Thursday, August 16, 2007

Have you heard Connie Talbert sing?

Connie singing ‘Over the Rainbow’:

Connie sings ‘Ben’ and wows a certain Mr. Cowell (again):

Connie is 6 years old. Her mother says she does not take singing lessons, she simply sings all day long and to herself. Connie says on that 2nd YouTube video that she was not nervous and yep, she enjoyed herself.

This clearly is a situation of a person completely immersed in their passion. That she is 6 and goes for the TV show, record deal, big bucks, accolades and recognition doesn't surprise me. She hasn't reached the age where a person might squash their own hopes and dreams because they start listening to people. She doesn't care, and she's obviously had a good mommie that's helping keep it that way. I really hope that she got to meet/perform for the Queen. Does anyone know?

Oh, and everyone's making a big beef over the apparent fact that Simon promised to give Connie a record deal and took it back because of her age. Whatever, if she keeps on having almost perfect pitch and singing well, Renee Angelil will divorce Celine Dion to get on an even younger train. Oh, Celine, you know I love you. He wouldn't do that. He'll probably be dead by then. :)

Do you think You could ressurect Your hopes and dreams that you innately had before letting the World squash them? I think at this point, most self-help gurus and what-not would say - You should try! Go for it! Sometimes you do have to ressurrect yourself, remember what it is you really loved to do. You pull your own bootstraps up at this age, and that includes figuring out how to make yourself feel better. Think clearly: Who's job is it to fix you? YOURS 100%. Accept that and you'll be doing much better.

If you do what you really LOVE to do, what could be better? When I think of people like Dog the Bounty hunter, or all of the great writers, past and present, or knitters & crocheters who adore their crafts, our Aunt Bessie who loved to tat and was supreme at it, The Crocodile Hunter, and now his daughter 'The Jungle Girl,' both with such great and needed passion, the great actors who blow us away, and some are not even the most famous of the famous, or any person that gets to participate in something they really love to do and enjoy it thoroughly, it doesn't matter if it's MY bag, the thing I like to do, those folks are in fact inspirational because the joy they have for what they do permeates, glows nearly, from them and they make me, almost subconciously, want to be a better person.

The thing is, I know a lot of the things I like. And I also know that I'm am fighting an illness, one that sometimes steals joy from me and makes me have to fight it and I often feel off-course, off-track, because of it. But I know that the fighting, the pushing against it, is something I must do. When in the midst of premenstrual and/or bipolar hate in my life, I have thought, I am cursed, God hates me. It does feel that way sometimes. But in better moments I see that somehow, no, in fact God loves me because he tests me so damn hard. I don't understand it all, but I know to call on Him, I know He's the Guy to talk to - and I know that I will win. If it is a game of winning/losing I know that the greatest thing I have going is not having taken myself out. If I endure to the end, taking it all, and leave this world the way God intends it, I win. My Dad did it, I have a wonderful example. Sometimes for me, the most awesome thing I've done in a day is just breathe.


wolfbaby said...

your so right going for our dreams is important.. .thats why i use my blog to share mine;) ie my writting and pics that i work on painting sketching etc. have a good day!!

Raine said...

I tried to listen- the fuzzies disconnected my speakers again

Anonymous said...

i could sing like u and i don't take lessons neither but u are fabolues wow.