Wednesday, August 29, 2007

New Tags Alert: Is it Jungle? Or is it Tart?

blue poision dart frog, Webshots

Hey, ya know I finally figured something out, after having this blog for so long. Since Blogger finally came up with the tags thing, why not have tags designated whether a post was Jungle or Tart! Yeah, I know I'm brilliant.

I'll still use other tags, and some posts don't count as either. I figured Jungle meant furbabies, even plants as they are live organisms, and fit the notion of 'Jungle.' The Tart tag will be on anything ranting, raving, angry, opinionated and obviously bipolar.

I went back and added tags for all of Aug. 2007, and will try to be consistent with this in the future. Sure, there's plenty of posts before that time that could use the tags, but nothing will be archived in this way b4 Aug. 2007. Because I do have a life and will not be spending the time to further tag well over 300 posts. Saw-ry!

There are some posts that don't get either, mostly happy stuff that doesn't mention animals and don't find me going off about anything.

Just so you know!:)

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