Tuesday, August 7, 2007

In Case A-NON-Y-MUS (think retard speech). (Oh, and is ANYTHING ever misspelled for a reason???? Hmmmm.) does not know how to check comments.

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"More responses to the Slate thing (Do-ho-hooo-hoozies!)"

Anonymous decided to rear her ugly head. I think they should stop calling it that, and instead let it be referred to properly, with it's true name, Coward. But that's okay, each to their own 'expression' IF you want to call it that. But NO reader should have my response kept from them. I'm making it easy for Coward, for I sense that she's not used to this new-fangled thing called a 'Blog Forum' and because I AM SO NICE, here it is:

'Tart said...
I am super proud that my blog is read by readers from all over the world (totally true) and I am glad even when I connect it to what was going on on the Fray (Slate, need I say more).

Now my readers get to see even more true colors from the 'finest and best in normie hysterical women this country has to offer.'

'I'm not shocked that an 'Anonymous' comes to me from that forum, one who wishes to cut on something utterly inane (my spelling?) while showing her complete inability to punctuate, and as always, is too much of a coward to be someone any of us could care about.

Honey, my spelling is nearly impeccable, I don't consult books/online/spell check, and haven't had an incorrect spelling word to fix for a teacher since 2nd grade. Play with words if you like, it won't change that you seem to be incapable to actually say anything about the post at hand.

I'm thinking 'white-bread normie with no life gets overwhelmed by bipolar blogger.' There's no other explanation for your inability to comment ON THE POST(s)!!

To cut on my spelling is utterly inane and SAD considering most people can't spell their family name correctly, let alone WRITE & EXPRESS themselves and if THAT's the only thing misspelled (whatever tittle you can find) (and in this case I think remaining 'numb' might just be the best thing for you) then I think I'll download ALL of it and send it to my publisher immediately.

Don't blog much, do ya? You'll have a hard time finding someone who can let it out with such veracity AND can spell it at the same time. I DON'T know what you'd really like to say, but I can tell you: I think you are pathetic, and if that's cutting on me, WELL! I profess ouch.



wolfbaby said...

ok so when your giving me lessons on how to really tell it like it is will you give me grammer and spelling lessons as well? cause those are two areas I suck at ;)

thanks for the smiles;)

'Tart said...

LOL! Yer welcome.

These/this person shows up because especially after they read comments, whether to blog or on the Fray, and see the love. Jealous litte beasts. You can't feel sorry for them them because their knee-gut reaction is to be sh_tty to you! Like I deserve that! So MWANH, Wolfbaby, and kiss my ass Jealous Beasts.

MYSTI said...

Ya know how I feel about annons commenting. Total chicken is what that is. If you are one can not show who they are , they should not comment! I agree with you totally!