Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Because I love Christopher Walken!

Yeah, yesterday was my birthday. And due to the extremely elongated enjoyment of my 'adolescent youthful state' that I am enjoying, and regardless of my true born on date, I wanna see 'Balls of Fury.'

Thank you, New York Times, for that insightful movie review.

B_tch about the quality of movies if you like, but I say you probably shouldn't be using those fantastic analytical skills on the actual nature of your own job, job description, ya know, like what 'cha do for a living, moron. :) Watch a crappy movie, go on vacation, watch another crappy one. Now's there's a paid po-si-tion, and the life of a true writer, at the New York Times for me!!

Mr. Walken is deeee-light-ful in 'Hairspray.' He's a wonderful, supportive dad, with no visible drinking problem or proclision for ladies other than his wife, and who delights in gag gifts. Maybe what's so fascinating about him here: his ability to relate joy, despite the fact that he pretty much has the smile of the overly-Botoxed. It truly was a joy to watch him dance with John Travolta, as his very large wife. We know Travolta/wife has got skills when he/she can boogie even with a big (prosthetic) behind! I think that gives ballroom dancing lessons a hopeful possibility for all of us.

If you catch even 1/25th of the 'original' 'Hairspray' movie you will see that this new one is truly head and shoulders about it. It really has the capacity to make you happy, just by sitting and looking at it. In this day and age, how many movies can raise the endorphins like that?

One of the best movies of Christopher Walken being Christopher Walken, is 'Joe Dirt.' I find this movie to be just the cutest, maybe because I am David Spade lover too, and I'm not afraid to admit it.

I think that movie has substance, and yes, to my droning Movie Professor who still yaks on in my head, it is a comedy. (Explanation: I asked prof why the were no comedies on the extensive list of movies he gave us do our paper on. He said because they weren't any with substance that really could be analyzed. So I was forced to do my paper on something that still gives me nightmares. I am bitter.)

Walken is just himself, what you expect him to be, especially if you had heard of 'Deliverance' and other war movies (heard and not seen. No woman who's been around a man holding a beer hasn't heard of the 'squealing pig' scene, and I've lived my life nicely without watching it.:) and it was fun to watch him on screen. Does it have to be more over-analysed than that? Rent 'Joe Dirt.' Own 'Hairspray' when it's available. Desire to watch a stupid movie just because you know one actor will make it worthwhile for you. Because Gosh darn it, you just wanna.

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