Friday, August 3, 2007

Oh my God! You are so Irreverant, Tart!! aka Mountcastle Funeral Home is a wretched establishment that I wouldn't take an enemy to. That is all.

Normally, (hah!) I try not to cut on people/institutions LOL! Well, mentally I’m cutting apart institutions like the meanest of people cut on other people.

Here is a fantastic one! Telemundo is reprimanding a reporter because she was having an affair with the mayor of L.A. (California, a United State) and (here’s the key component) she announced on air his separation from his wife while this same reporter was carrying on said affair with the Mayor. So, if she just handed that story to some other reporter (Oh no! I Couldn’t report That!!) then would she be scot free?

Yes, I know we’re saying who the hell the cares? Whoever Jennifer Flowers worked for could have fired her and we’ll still know who the hell she is (one of Mr. Clinton’s many affairs, hello!) and I’ll never remember the name of the lady involved in this. But moreover, when did Telemundo or Mexican television ever become a moral indicator of anything? I can’t imagine a radio/TV station in the U.S. reprimanding ANYone for anything like this (we bitch about Imus being fired, because he actually did something morally reprehensible). This lady had a private thing going on with a piddly Mayor. And I’m sure it was just a blip in California. Raise your hand if you recall our L.A. Mayor getting a spanking.

It’s like Mexican television saying, “Look, here’s our first reprimanding, ever! Aren’t we so morally clean!” or something. What the? Isn’t that what those people have the Catholic Church for? Couldn’t they have sent the offending reporter for some Hail Mary’s and tape it for a segment about the price of sin on their show? Probably high ratings among the demographic. I’m just sayin.’

Next topic:

I get all kinds of crap in my Yahoo mail account. ‘Best of all,’ are the stuff written by someone whose going through depression coupled with a struggle with sobriety or something like that and gets to spam us all with her ‘issues.’

I’ve said before, to the detriment of people getting upset at me in the past because I actually tried to say things about it that I’ve never struggled with sobriety. It’s always been with me and never tried to slither away. So I’ve been advised to not talk about things I know nothing about. Fine. I know enough about the seedy sides of life to not need another problem. And I won’t cut on a lack or inability to find sobriety (where’d it go? I couldn’t resist) or expound. Either way, I’m safe.

Oh, but I will say I had the equivalent of 2 Tequila shots a few days ago and can report absolutely no repercussions. It was fun and exhilarating, but I know it can’t become a habit. See, sobriety still sitting next to me like a best friend.

BUT, I know loads about depression. I also know about that much nicer state of just thinking you feel fine! And I know about my various levels of being too high (Hunh! If there such a thing!!!!!) and would NEVER want to compare that to others, because apparently there’s ALL kinds of levels to that. Differing levels of suffering too, but to each our own piece of what we call our own, no?

So, anyhow this writer, I hope to God I don’t have to remember her name since I already deleted the stupid thing, was saying they were in what I would call a ‘stasis’ period, basically unhappy as all get out but no longer looking up gun stores or researching various ways to kills herself (let me tell you, it’s hard as hell to do it properly. Just think, people near death still need an ugly fuck like Dr. Kevorkian to reach the next level. There’s something to chew on). She just felt jealous of terminal patients who were {this is a quote} almost on a paid Sandals vacation to Death.{end sort a quote} (I would not want to ‘steal’ such a brilliant four word sentence). She scanned the obituary column to see who had gotten lucky lately.

Hunh. That got me to thinking, since I put the Obits in my local paper for nearly two years. A very depressing job, and ridiculously bizarre ‘choice of job’ for a manic-depressive to hold, and for so long. It was my job and I didn’t have time to think these morbid-repressive thoughts this bitch came up with. No, I was too busy getting my butt chewed out by people who have no concept of “daily paper” and that neither I nor the paper is here to get Daddy’s rank or the family address to be PERFECT, although I surely F’n tried to every single stinkin’ day, although told NOT TO EVEN BOTHER on day ONE. Just as an aside, try considering reality when placing these ads, I don’t care that we actually charged for it! No obit is bringing your kid, parent, best friend back. And most people are so stupid whether in spelling or their English skills (whether writing something or reading something) that THEY WILL NEVER NOTICE OR CARE. And riding the butt of the low level, lowly payed individual that you talk to on the phone will NOT make you feel that much better and will earn you my undying hatred. I think people need to hear that. Cause I never got to tell them, if I did they’d lose an electron or pop something important, somewhere, and I was forced to still care.

So, blah blah someone responds about people she heard of or knew of that killed themselves. I guess because that is this person’s contact with mental illness. And ‘Why is it some people kill themselves and other’s keep trouping on’ or something the hell like that.

As if dumb bitch (Beliefnet writer. I hate it. I wish I could unsubscribe but they seem to have me screwed and send me all kinds of shit regardless, every time I try) would have any clue or balls to answer a question like that.

But I would! First of all, this is an easy designation: the one’s who killed themselves were either weak (mentally or physically) and gave up. The rest of us have some thought or something at some point, perhaps support from family and or friends, or intelligence that outlasts most, sometimes regardless of reason, and continue to hang on. Or we’ve got a bipolar gene and are lucky if we make it, and continue past, 30.

As distasteful as that first explanation is I’ll put forth that even the most intelligent, brilliant, incredible, possibly even moral individuals could kill themselves because they just don’t see, or want to see, that it’s worth holding on. They accept the lie and don’t realize that they are in fact throwing away something precious. Their mother, family, friend, can all see quite clearly that it was THROWN AWAY and that it’s a god damn travesty but that does Mr./Ms. Dead Person no good, now does it?

And I’ll tell you this. If we were to analyze Dead Person’s life we probably would see that not only could they have been helped (an effort on our part) but in the end this person ultimately chose to commit a final SELFISH act. As all readers know, Tart hates Selfish even in the dead. So maybe I’m a little bitter if not most of all heart-open honest. And that’s MUCH more than you can say about most people. And I had to deal with Death every day I went into that stupid part-time job. For $8.00 an hour. Does that seem compensatory? Nope. And certainly not for the screaming and abuse I put up with from one Mountcastle Funeral Home. I wouldn’t take even my dead mother there. Hah-hah, that’s Obituary column humor. Dead humor. Beat it with a dead-horse, Tart. :)

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God, this is just one of my best pieces ever! And at almost 5 a.m. in the morning - this is NOT what manic looks like, kids!!