Wednesday, April 5, 2006

Wow! Where have I been??!!!

I finally got some time, well really I'm borrowing 'sleep time,' and I looked on my blogfriend Mysti's site and there is just a plethera of cool stuff to catch up on and neat tests from Enigma's site (and you can bet I'll take them and let you know, Enigma) and I find great stuff on Lord Mark's site, and I am just makin' comments as I see fit and it occurs to me "WHERE HAVE I BEEN??!!" I mean honestly, did time just whooosh! pass me by? What have I been doing for the past week or week and a half that everything just passed me by?

It is a bizarre, disconcerting feeling.

I had the distinct impression that I wasn't being a good blogfriend and I appreciate that people kept coming here and keeping up with me. I do look on your sites, but I am just losing my mind. Seriously, Where the Heck was I?

Oh and Mark, I saw that nutty 'lil' thing that you performed on your site as a 'joke,' actually at the time (!), but I didn't know what to say. I was like, "Man, just when you find a good one." Blog that is, okay? Sheesh.


Enigma said...

I know where you've been...
You've been working on getting Reese! :D

Welcome Back...
You're right, you miss a few days and everything goes wild! lol I was thinking the same thing as I have been kind of busy for the last week or so; I haven't been able to give my "blog time" it's "proper attention" either.

Did you enjoy your days off relaxing?

Mark (Lord of the Idiots) said...

The steel claw contraption is still clamped down on my "nutty little thing" as a punishment for my lame April fools joke attempt. Ouch!