Sunday, April 2, 2006

Sharing the Excitement!!!!!

I know that today will be a two part post.

Will I or will I not get the cat? (For the confused, I am speaking of Reese, the Siamese that I have been trying for a month to get out of the Siamese Cat Rescue)

Today, this evening, is when I find out!!!

I think of it like the whole Final Four. As a GMU alumni (yes I share that true fact) I was very caught up in the whole will they/won't they take it all the way thing and win the championship.

And just like the the team, I have put in a LOT of work to get this animal, to get what I want.

And just like the team, I say now that I am winner for even getting this far.

But just the team, I really, reallywant this cat!!!

So I had my interview on phone with the foster mom and it went so much better than I thought it would. As in, I really have a chance to get the guy, because the person ahead of me had a lot of cats and she feels Reese needs to be with few animals. Yeah, well anyway, we talked for a long time (1 hour) while I was sitting in my mom's RV (you didn't think I'd go 'camping' any other way did you! LOL) and she has to make one more interview, test Reese with a dog and see how he reacts, contact my orignal interviewer (do you SEE what I have been putting up with!)...and then tell me this evening who gets him.

In other words: Who wins?


Enigma said...

Oh! How exciting! I hope you win the grand prize (aka Reese)!!

Mark (Lord of the Idiots) said...

OK sit down...I'M only going to say this once! In the pecking order of human existence...there is Sports.....then about 123 rungs down the food chain...there are cats! If you went to GMU, then all other earthly activities MUST cease! Remember, Sports....then waaaaaay down to cats.......Good luck with the Cat, sorry about the Patriots....