Friday, April 21, 2006

I'm FREEeeeeEEEEeeeeeEEEEee!!!!!!!!

YES! Blogger patrons, Imagine the Tart running like a wild, free woman through the fields, plains and valleys of delightful tulips and such!!!! She has taken herself OUT, Out I say, of the rat race! In charge of her destiny, where the heck shall she take herself now? NO one knows!! (Least of all herself!) But she has ideas!!! To share at some other fantastical blogger moment.

Be it known, to all the free world, TART JOINS THEE!! No longer chained to an uncaring, low-paying, stress inducing, unsupportive job that wished only to suck her lifeblood that didn't even provide one benefit, a job that made her realize that she DID NOT deserve to screamed at thanklessly or to be treated like a low-life minion chained to an evil phone or spend countless dollars on gasoline and quick McDonald's lunches (not to mention the effect on her a**, I mean bottom-line) just to....have a reason to wake up in the morning!! Hah! She joins the ranks of the disabled many that say HAH! Support me American Workers, as I sit on my rear and do NOTHING! Pay my check each month, Be-yotches!!!! I HAVE EARNED IT!

I played your game, I worked while collecting my check-ola, I even paid into the Social Security system, I showered, dressed, drove to the workplace and acted like a dagone normie. Having reached the limits of all of that, it is done and over for the Tart. There are no apologizes from this former red-blooded American worker, oh, no, the world is a vampire. Feel free to have your blood sucked dry. I'm staying in.


Bipolar Forever!


mysti said...

Congratulations~!!!!!!! I hope you enjoy your freedom!

jumpinginpuddles said...

i hope the rest helps you:)

Anonymous said...

o k .. please can you make me some toast with your free time.? many thanks freeeeeeeee tarty type girl,