Monday, April 3, 2006


Imagine fireworks and insanity here, as I cannot get my photo to post due to some kind of Blogger evil.

Forget what you heard about GMU, people they ARE GIVING ME THE CAT!

Good things do happen to bipolar people!!!!!!! Yes, be heartened, for it is true!!!!

I got the email this morning, which they sent at 6:08 a.m. I have to admit I'm a little concerned because I went to call the foster and right when I was getting ready to leave my message my damn, sweet, annoying and could yet still die pug barked her head off still for no known reason and just sounded as vicious as one could sound. I am mortified.

Let's hope she does not check her voicemail and change her mind.

I got the cat! I got the cat! I got the cat! I got the cat! I got the cat!

I am happy and excited, but I am not going insane. Thank you for checking!

What pure joy, people, pure joy.

I certainly everybody has a great day!

Love, Tart

I got the cat! I got the cat! Siameze meezer, here you come, do dah, do dah, I'm so happy I'll shout it from the rooftops, oh a doo dah day to the tune of 'Camp Town Races' of course.

Can't you see it on CNN and every other TV station tonight, I'm running along the tops of rooftops, people below are like 'What the hell is she saying?' So the helicopter camera zooms in and I'm happily singing this song from above.

Wait a minute, that would be a nightmare as in the next moment they're slapping a straightjacket on me...

Oh no, this is my blog, my usual real dreams will stay off thank you.


Now I guess it is painfully clear why I like Spongebob so much. This is all pretty much a script for his show, huh! :)


Raine said...

Congratulations!!!!!! we will be avidly awaiting pictures of your new kitty!!

mysti said...

Congrats Tart!!!! I can not wait to see a picture of your new cat!


Enigma said...

I'm so happy for ya, Tart! And happy for Reese. ;)

So, when does the little sweetie move in?