Saturday, April 15, 2006

Happy Easter!!!!

Reese on Hubby's lap, taken with my camera phone! Wow Verizon! (How much is that gonna cost!!?)

Reese is here!!! He is more lovely in person than any of the pictures! I call him T & G : Tiny and Gorgeous. I was surprised when I first saw him, he is smaller than I thought he would be. But every bit of him is perfect. He is a lovely chocolate point Siamese. He does have the large fangs that his foster mom talked about and he does like to 'love bite,' and yes, it does hurt when he does it. I was honored that he was nearly completely quiet on the way home with us, I sat next to his crate, while the foster and the second volunteer driver said he 'talked' to them the whole way during their drives and is supposed to be very vocal (which I can see that he is). When we got home he stayed under the bed for most of the afternoon. Then he emerged this evening and loved us up!! He was rolling around in my lap, on the floor, meanwhile we were both following him with our camera phones to get a picture of him - his own personal papparazzi! He definitely loooves people! We can't imagine what would possess someone to let go of something this wonderful. I guess you just don't know what 'cha got until its gone (think Cinderella, this came on the radio the other day!)We are absolutely honored and blessed to have him. He is on my lap right now and *yikes* just bit me on the chin! This is his love bite. Well now he's on Husband's lap. Can we say 'lapwhore'? He can lay on you and 'knead' the air, with his perfect dark legs. That is what he is doing right now. Well that is okay with me!

I hope everyone has a lovely blessed Easter! And I appreciate all the love given this way too! I am actually going to warm up a ham (its pre-cooked, I admit it. How hard can it be. Don't answer that!) make mashed potatoes from scratch, maybe mac n cheese since Hubby expressed an interest in that and I hope I have some asparagus in the pantry, because that seems like a good thing to have. And I don't know if this time next week I'll still have a job of some kind or have lots of time to think of every days dinner and to work out. Gosh, the second one actually sounds like more fun to me! That is pretty bad! :)


Enigma said...

Hey, glad you made it there and back safely!

Welcome home, Reese!!

Raine said...

Congratulations on your Easter Kitty!!!! He's gorgeous

mysti said...

Your cat is beautiful! Congratulations. I hope you had a wonderful easter. The meal you were planning sounds yummy!

Mark (Lord of the Idiots) said...

Congrats! Make sure and tie a heavy weight or two around his little ankles in case he gets out the door. That oughta slow him down a bit! ha ha Enjoy your new buddy!