Saturday, April 29, 2006

Weird Things About the Tart, aka I was tagged

1. My best friend called me 'eccentric' in high school, truly an unusual thing to say about someone at that age. Don't recall any exact thing that made her say that, I guess it was just true in general.

2. I did nothing but read at age 11. Didn't like to go outside, and love most to read the Laura Ingalls Wilder series. Still love those books. By bizarre chance, they are the one thing my Mom gave away to someone (who promptly took them to a used book store for credit: heartbreak!) while I was in the hospital. Would love to have the whole set again. I love that era and all the details about life back then. Makes me feel warm and happy.

3. I was born with birthmarks on my nose and back. My parents had to provide their own dry ice to the doctor to burn off the one on my nose. He did a great job, you can't even tell. The one on my back faded and looks a bit like a burn. People sometimes ask or stare when I have a bathing suit on. It's my birthmark, people!

4. I am fascinated by textiles. I would love to learn to sew well, and I'm still trying to figure out cross-stitch and knitting (I can crochet, but I'm slow). I think quilts are cool (hello 1800's, again)and I'm fascinating with weaving. I considered getting my own loom and going at it, but I am not that rich. I love yarn, too. Can go to a shop and just look for hours.

5. I hate to go to bed. I fight it, and I still don't know why. When I was a child my Mom would ask me if I was ready for bed, and I would be like, unh-unh, no way. Five minutes later she would find me in some bizarre position, half-standing up and fast asleep!

6. I have an unusual thing for water. Not so much anymore, but I used to have a big bottle of the stuff with me at all times (it usually occurs after hospitalization and a few years after). Also, I can literally chug the stuff. Like drink out of a water bottle and glug, glug, glug. It is a gift but Husband has instructed me not to do it in public, it looks strange. Boy, if I was a beer drinker imagine the chug drinkin' possiblities! I could put 'em under the table!

7. I have scoliosis. I look 'right' probably because I wore a brace in high school. It was kind of like a corset in a way and kept me with a small waist and no tummy. It had to come off when I was hospitalized at 16, AND things have just gone downhill from there...

If Hope or Jennifer comes here, consider yourself tagged along with anyone else who is game, and tell me if you do. All you do is tell 6 weird things about yourself. Happy day all!

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mysti said...

You and I have the whole Little house series in common. As well as I read all the time.... That was my escape. I love quilts too! I also agree with you that I wish for simpler times. Although truthfully I would hate the no bathroom inside deal. Life was harder in the sense that everything was handmade, there was no choice, and home grown. The women worked so much harder physically then we do now a days.