Thursday, April 27, 2006

Short and Sweet

I'm keeping this short and sweet cause Husband is on his way home and I am cooking dinner (!) and I gotta get on it. As a little gift to him, I'm trying to do all my blogging before he gets here so I can hang out with him. Poor guy waits all night for me and I never hang around him! :(

I have been tagged as well (thanks, Enigma!) and I have decided that I will tell weird things about Tart while she is doing massive laundry tomorrow. I expect it to be quite the all day affair. I am proud as I actually walked Emma today, garnering a 'Nice Pug' comment from a weird lady that I crossed the street to avoid. (People I have near impeccable 'strange people' radar. I spent a lot of time in a State mental hospital. I should have powers after that experience, since I can't recall too many other perks.

Have I not 'settled' into this Housewife Extraordinaire stuff or what!

I have also been hit by the mother of sanity torpedoes: Social Security is really on my case this time. Tart is trying to find a lawyer and is almost certain to detail my government endorsed torture.

Pleasant evening to all, and I hope everybody gets to hang out with some neat person/pet that they love.

Your Tart


Enigma said...

Have a wonderful night with your husband. And in case I don't catch ya tomorrow, have a great weekend.

Raine said...

uhoh - whats social security want? I hope its nothing serious