Monday, April 10, 2006

I Put My 2 Weeks In, But It's Just Not That Easy!!!!

Kittens popping out of pockets!! Have Mercy!!!!

Whoa! Only the craziest stuff could be happening to this bipolar lady!

Would you believe that I finally mustered the courage to put in my 2 weeks notice (with a whole lot of help from Husband and friends like Enigma IMing me in the a.m. and a double dose of Enigma and Raine in the evening. That you soooo much!!!! Your support means Everything to me! And you give good advice too!)

A mad scramble then occurred. The Publisher (THE big cheese) got involved. He was upset that Classifieds Hadn't taken the darn obits over yet, like they said they would! The Exec. Ed. asked me to detail my beef with the job, one of the more fun things I've done in a while! So I detailed it.

When she asked me to write her the email, she also asked that if Obits were gone would I want stay with the job assumably as typist extraordinaire which I do the rest of the time (Understand I came to her a month ago and posed this very same question! To which she said, no obits, tht particular job was over!)

So, now it seems I have to figure out if I want to stay. And as my Iming gurus suggested, well, it wouldnt hurt to see what its like.

So funny how things turn out, huh?!!


mysti said...

I am so proud of you! That took courage! Let me know what you decide.

Now I have to tell you I am a little jealous of enigma and raine.... You three IM each other? I am not on your IM list???? lol, add me please if you wish that is... season_for_angels

How exciting though! sooooo will you stay and do the job that you suggested over a month ago.... or leave and go out on your own?

Raine said...

that kitten is just adorable!!!! and how cool is the possibility of getting out of obits and still having a job?? :D

Enigma said...

Tart, I'm wondering how today went...
I hope we get an update. :)

Again, you are most welcome. And I appreciate your listening to me last night too. :)

Misty: I added you to my IM.