Wednesday, April 12, 2006

I think it feels good to put your foot down!

Life's a breeeze, aint it!

I asked today what was going on, since I haven't been told anything at work. Boss says they are trying to get Classified to take over Obits but she honestly doesn't think it looks good. If that's the case then she "has" to hire someone to do it and since I reiterated that regardless of what happens I won't be doing them after next Friday then I'm essentially gone forever, bye bye. However, if this supposed Classifieds miracle occurs then she has all kinds of projects to keep me busy. And she won't know until Tuesday or Wednesday of next week.

Well! So I will have two days to say bye if that's what it comes to.

Fine with me. Now can this blog quit whining about it. Cause it looks at this point like its outta my hands. And I am fine with that. I think I'm going to like retirement bliss for the rest of eternity. I will in fact be taking on one of the toughest full-time duties ever: HouseWife Extraordinaire. Bring it on, Baby!

Now lets go ON with Life, Shall We!!!

I felt truly impelled to write off a blog I visit Occasional-lee. I have no idea if I offended that person or if they'll be ballsy enough to come here but I will say this: Why enable a teenager that will talk nothing but about doing illegal drugs? What good does it do? Its one thing to show things in your own life that helped you handle life, but it just pisses me off to hear endlessly about weed smoking this and that. No darling, I remove myself from listening to that. Call me whatever you want but I'm not havin' it. I can't imagine the beef that anyone would have with that, I don't know, say I'm intolerant and how can I treat a fellow bipolar like that. If you care about someone, wouldn't you tell them that its wrong. I just feel sad if that really is how this person is leading their life. It cannot go to good places. DUH! If you don't like it go away and do a little more. I don't care, just shove off.

Yes, now that that is out of my system...

I have to see about transport of Reese. It seems that it being Easter one's piped up to volunteer to get him to me! Husband and I are already driving 2 1/2 hours on Friday, I'm thinking we may just be driving all the way there! I'm not waiting another damn week, ya know? And maybe I'll get to meet his foster in person, I've been emailing her a whole lot, that would be very neat.

You know, I have really gotten a lot more ballsy in the last little while. Putting my foot down about my crappy job has helped me be more myself. Really if I offend the person I left the response for, or any other nosy person who probably never visited here before or left a message, all I can say is: Illegal is illegal, honey. If you want to tolerate it, its your business. But I'm not going to read all the time about it. And I'd like to make it clear, that I very much believe in the meds that you work out with a doctor, and I know better than most the kind of hell you can go through to find the right meds. If you haven't had the utter life scared out of you by being off your rocker, there's probably nothing more I can say to you. And I don't have an apology for anyone, so don't look for it here.

With most sincerity,


Raine said...

I musta have missed something- who is Reese?

'Tart said...

That's the Siamese cat's name that I'm picking up on Saturday. The family named him that.


(think: STELLA!)

mysti said...

Sometimes God has a way of solving the problem for ya!

I am glad you are getting Reese today! How fun!