Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Wow! Did you see him? Thanks to all my Blogpeeps for your hearty congratulations about Reese's beautiousness and his impending arrival. He will probably be here not this weekend but the one after. Which is good, because his (isolation)'room' needs an overhaul. Eventually of course the whole house will be his, but he has to kept apart for better assimilation. (Have I been conversing with these people too much, or WHAT!)

Although I would be lying if I didn't say the Siamese Rescue folks did in fact drive me crazy with their protocol worthy of a human baby adoption, I must admit that their thoroughness does produce lovely results. I am especially impressed with the concept of a 'Meezer Express' where complete volunteers (aka unpaid workers) drive two hours each with the cat, passing him off to the next one until the destination in order to get him to his new 'forever' home. The concept certainly does sound to live up to its name.

I checked the massive online paperwork and discovered that I have been doggedly after a rescue Siamese for two months. I am impressed with myself.

Let me say it before it happens: This guy will be a mighty handful. But I am ready for him. I am mentally preparing myself as we speak for his purrrrsonality, demandingness, and vocal talents. I am much more on it this time. Of course, I have residual guilt about Sam, you know, that maybe I introduced him to the other animals too soon, especially. Soooo, Mr. Reese is going to get 7 days of isolation/quarantine in a room that is NOT attached to the back door of my house! What a duh! moment that was to realize that I don't have to put the cat in the back room.

Don't they say your mistakes are in fact a good thing because you learn from them and do a better job next time? The only problem is that previous mistakes led to a collarless, declawed cat to be in the open world. And may I say now and forever, I really am sorry for any stupidity I might have committed that might have helped that to happen. In my heart, I think we'll hear about him seriously or get him back in a few months. And I will welcome him back with open JungleTart arms and try to make everything work out. Now that will be some serious drama in the Jungle!

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