Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Tom's panties are in a twist - And it just might turn out I have something to with it!!

Yes, reports are coming in that Mr. Tom Cruise is 'disappointed' in the box office take of Robert Redford's 'Silence of the Lambs' - Oh big kiddo! I mean 'Lions for Lambs.' Well, to use supposed 'film talk' I do almost hate that box-office-wise a Redford film would be taken down - he is well known for only producing one pearl of exceeding snobbery per year or so (hmmm...hence his like minded co-stars Streep & Cruise? You be the judge.) - meaning, Redford directs/stars occasionally, assumedly when he is grabbed by the script and I guess Cruise was in on the gag and thought that the would give a sh_t. Um, are we SURE he's not bipolar?

Ah, but instead lots of people plunked the money down for "BEE MOVIE" and I was one of them! It is a nice, G-rated little number, that actually gave me a couple tear-jerking moments, and Jerry Seinfeld really did work his little beeesy bottom off to make a nice movie. Sure, go see it, everyone knows that I don't recommend scary stuff, I hardly even see dramas anymore - I'm ALL Comedy, Folks. And of course, added bonus, each time you are seeing 'Bee Movie' - You're not seeing 'Lions for Lambs.' Go figure, picking happiness and joy over preachy political stress/thriller. Some choices are just plain easy....and fun!

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wolfbaby said...

hmm cruise or feel good show

geee that must be a hard one

so not

i'll take the feel good show over cruise any day of the week... he's an ass