Friday, November 16, 2007

If ya caint find me, its cuz I'm doin' my jail time/community service...

Yu herd right. I wuz not a-va-la-bull last evening due to my 62-minute jail sentence. Hey, I went free 'en clear, didn't put up no gumption or further problims to the orficers. I knows whut I did wuz wrong, and I'm hear to pay the price, do my civic dooty, and get ya'll off my back!

Yeah, I admitted to taking my car, running it in the wrong lane, mowin' down my last PR person, while drunk on high balls (80 proof, mm mm, I'm gonna miss those for an hour), smoked somethin' that they found in my jeans pocket (did that while they processed me. That was good shit - I'm so glad it didn't go to waste!!). In general, my o-fences include thinkin' I'm beder thn evryone else as I em a high paid movie star, or wuz it cuz my Dad had couple hit songs and I'm sad cuz we're both haz beens, or wuz it cuz my parents built expensive hotels that every high class ho a-spires to rent in, and I'm sad about that so I had to give my folks last name sumphthin else to be imbar-ass-ed a-bout.

No matter cuz all's good, even en clear, because I did the HARD time. A little over an hour is jail, heck I spent less than Lindsay, Nichole OR Paris. I must be arfully Smart!!!!!!


Raine said...

mowing down your last PR person? who was that? and are you saying you smoked a joint while they were processing you?!?!? ROLFMAO!!!umm gee Tart, wish I'd been along for the ride............. LOLOL

'Tart said...

Well, that was all making fun of Lindsay Lohan. She got in trouble for running down her PR person in her SUV, she was caught with 'small amounts' of cocaine in her jean's pocket 2x. She just got out of extended rehab AAAaaaaaand spent just 82 minutes in jail the other day.

I could not be outdone!
:) Tart