Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Suicidal foxes & Useless people who can't hold their liquor

This is my 401th post! Woo-hoo! Did ja have your cake yet? Great, I'm not even thinking of baking one until Thanksgiving. Which is going to be at my in-laws. The ones a state away, not 15 hours away.

Yeah, so I go driving two nights ago, and I hit a fox. People, if its going to cross my path, go up in the air anywhere in my vicinity - I will hit it, or be hit by it. I'm pretty sure it was a fox, it was kind of gray in this case. It ran across the highway, was almost to the left lane, I veered to the right to stay away from it, and I swear to Gosh that it turned back like a squirrel and ran right for me. It committed suicide on me the, the dumb f_k.

Tonight would be bowling night, except Husband and I pre-bowled yesterday. This is because the pathetic idiots that feel they must drink at our public games either have no clue how to reign themselves in or just don't care. It's getting to the point where Husband was afraid that I was going to confront someone and I am damn well ready.

I must admit, as a non-drinker I don't see what's so cool about getting butt ass drunk after work anyway, but certain bitches have a screaming problem and herein lies the issue. The one most in question admits that she has no earthly idea how to bowl, but she can 'cheer' for her team. The screaming/cheering is so loud, unearthly and disturbing that all the other teams look around for the dying person. Now I find out that the freaky screaming bothers plenty of people, not just me, the difference is normies are too pu_sy to do anything about it.

I must say that it is exhausting pre-bowling because its just me and Husband, going back and forth, constantly. I think that was enough that we'll be back at regular league next week, with the distinct possibility of having to play The Drunk A__holes. I don't know why someone would pick that for a team name, but I'll bet some heads are gonna roll.