Monday, November 19, 2007

Horrible People and the Lives destroyed

I'm taking some time out of my day here to discuss the one unbelievably, sad, and as the parents put it 'vile' (always a favorite word for me, glad they used it) story today.

Unless you're living under a rock, I'm referring to the 'parent' that created a Myspace account of a fake boy in the pretense to monitor and 'find out' what other - what people, KIDS? (actually specially one young lady) - were saying about her 'child.'

At some point, the fake boy created by this bitch (are you following that she is an adult and 'mother?') stopped being kind and being the smallest semblance of a self-esteem lifter for the young girl - whom the account was specifically created to fk with, but started that ever-popular present-day cyber-smackdown high school experience for way too many bullied kids - the, evil, listing over and over of aggregious lies that are like an atomic bomb to the innards of a barely hanging on kid. Words like that are meant to kill, and this girl is not the first to fall in its crossfire. She killed herself.

Do I have THIS right? I think I said it better than any flat story you'll read about it, and it's all over MSN, if you need details.

First of all, this is proof positive - Do not kill yourself, not for any reason

Not for what you think is the most 'obvious' reason in the world (you are worthless, what am I, an amateur??) caused by what anyone SAYS, or even by what anything inside you says - believe it or not, there are legions of us that can feel suicidal WITHOUT some son of bitch listing, and listing, and listing, and listing, and sending, and sending, and sending, sending a bunch of CRAP that basically boils down to Sa tan ic lies. When a kid is a kid, they're impressionable, and can really buy into the idea - THIS is the whole world. Everyone/old friends/a significant other hates me, they must be right and this is the end of the world.

Oh, tip #2 - THEY are almost never right! When you survive all this and get as old as I am, you truly won't even care what they think - if only youth had this magic gift. Note to self: when I have a kid someday I will try to instill these things in that person from the time communicatory skills are established.

I MEAN THIS WITH THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART - NEVER KILL YOURSELF FOR ANY REASON. If nothing else, don't EVER give anyone the satisfaction.

I know some people need to hear this. I bring it up because that is not only one the biggest travesties of this entire situation, it saddens me greatly that there is no one out there giving basic facts.

We all, maybe the young even more, need to hear hear that we are loved, that we matter, that life IS tough but we are strong enough to soldier through, even if that means an occasional fetal position and an inability to get out of bed for several months. No one deserves to die. No one deserves to be a teenager, with a whole life to live, and kill themselves. And may I say this kid sounded like she would have grown up through all her awkward stages and been a terrific person. My God, it pisses me off.

The parents of the victim are so overwrought that they are divorcing. They were told by the FBI not to say anything to the press as they tried to figure out what happened. This young lady died October of 2006. I think they've been hit, blindsided, and sound like they are still deciding what to do and have been quiet for long enough. Apparently they have to shop in the same town as these pathetic sacks of shit, and the lady who perpetrated this thing (why do they call it a hoax, she committed a criminal act!) 'asked the mother to stop talking to the press.'

Additionally, the perps have offered no apology. It seems like a simple, civil thing to do but the perp family utterly refuses. All I can say is, the moment the Mom-perp started the bombing, the cruelties, that is precisely the point that the woman became an animal and apologizing should be the least of her fears. If everyone is shielding the perp-daughter, they need to stop. It's time that bullies, whether they be the mom, shocker?, or the kid, pay for the damages and heartache (in civil suits, that comes in the form of money) for what they did wrong. With a law on the books, someday, prison time.

The girl's parents act like grieving parents. Their lives have been irreparably destroyed by this. They monitored the heck out of their daughter's internet use and this still happened. What amazes me is that they are just now talking about a civil suit.

Just because lawmakers and law enforcement are typically still back in the early 1900's regarding anything internet is No Reason why things should not be taken care of properly. And just because this awful woman is not forced, told, or held by the hand to apologize to the dead girl's family doesn't mean that a person with ANY morals or sense for the unconscionable damage she's done to these people's lives should not in fact BE FULLY EXPECTED!! Barring that:

I recommend suing them for every penny they've ever owned. And stop hiding their names, they have done nothing to deserve any kindness from you. We all think they're beasts anyway - it's just a matter of time before they really get it.

Update, 11-22-07: Here are some links to read about this story online:

ABC News: Mom: Daughter's Suicide Preceded By Cruel Web Hoax

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MYSTI said...

Hmmm you know how i feel about this topic. You are right though it is really to bad that this lady can not be put in jail, or at least confront the family she hurt!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Raine said...

havent seen this- do you have any links?

'Tart said...

Hi Raine,
I updated this article with 2 links, one from ABC the other from MSNBC so you can read about it. Have a great Thanksgiving and I'll be baaaaack, soon.:)