Thursday, November 29, 2007

Remember those Other countries on the map?

So this British teacher is going to spend 15 days in the clink and will be deported afterward because:
She allowed her class to name a Teddy Bear 'Muhammad.'

Uh, I thought these were 'eye for an eye' people. Wouldn't taking an ugly doll of Osama Bin Ladin and lovingly naming it 'Jesus' be the more fair sentence?

Hell, certain portions of society are naming their kids Hey-Zues and there's not a damn thing we can do about it. I love the story about some Chinese parents who were getting flak for wanting to name their kid '@.' Hey, at least it sounds intelligent, futuristic, and damn it even creates some kind of weird html on my page.

If you thought whatever Arabic's country inability to separate church and state in the teddy bear case is UN-be-lie-vable, you didn't hear about the 400 extra lashings a muslim rape victim will have to withstand because she was with an 'unrelated man' at the time of her 7 'MAN' RAPE. Please don't ask for a link, you can Google it as easily as myself.

Yeah, the guys are going to get some kind of punishment, but all I can say is Gloria Steinem and The Feminist Bunch must be too busy with American foolishness, or too old, to say anything about a rape victim being further victimized by her non-U.S. government, even if we've apparently accepted that that country is sexually backwards and the women are forced to wear sacks every day, apparently among other things.

But then Americans don't REALLY believe anyone but themselves exist anyway, Right?

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