Monday, November 26, 2007

Her 'Passion' - none of it ever meant for the meek!

Because I love her, I wanted to put the endless amounts of pictures (mostly found off MSN) of (now Dame) Elizabeth Taylor on my blog. There just may be someone as mental about celebrities, old-school Hollywood, and Liz in specificity as I am, and I want to share and make your obsession easier by giving to you and the world, what I've got.

It's fun! And if you suffer from depression the way I do, anything that makes you feel better is great. Besides, it's a harmless little obsession, right? It might come in handy someday, like when I'm trying to put my mind back together after another psychosis or something! As long as there's People magazine, I'll have scores of 'familiar faces' to look at!

Gathering pictures of someone who has led a life of fortitude (that means she doesn't give up) just couldn't be a bad hobby, indeed it's a wholesome one, so I feel no (0 -zero) shame. I do wish I could meet her, but her pictures are pretty helpful, if that never happens.

I've talked about her before and, of course, I spent a ton of time naming each photo, the year, etc., only to have them turned into a hodgepodge and I'm not even certain you with get all the fabulous info when you click on each one - but you should at least get a larger version!

Incredible women like Ms. Taylor are not going to be around forever, however, this Liz has proven to have stood up to the test of time - still making appearances, as of a few months ago! There is just no comparison to her youthful beauty -as in there never was and has not since been a violet-eyed, buxom, voluptuous, stunning creature as she was in the 1950's.

I'm going on memory here, not research - but has she not outlived every pin-up and 'old-school' beauty, ever? She's outlived all of her old-school men and lovers - I think all that's left is Senator Warner, who's an old poop, and probably Larry Fortensky, one of the largest age gaps in a man Taylor married.

She's gone for a swim in a shark tank in her mid-seventies, (and says she'll do it again for her 75th birthday, coming soon!), married the most guys, some even twice, for a grand total of 8 marriages, I believe (I heard her once say it was because she BELIEVED in marriage and felt it was the right thing to do!) and let's not forget, she owns THE most fabulous jewels on top of it.

She has led an incredible public life and nothing less but a passionate if not tumultous private life. And, as the famous T-shirt says, "I'm not dead, yet!"

I dedicated this post, to a lifetime of crazy, amazingness that is Elizabeth Taylor, because Gosh Darn it, I want to.:) I hope you enjoy the pictures. Each one is named and has info about it, I hope you can get that as I let photobucket host this time.:)

Click on the link below for the FABULOUS SLIDESHOW I created with many of these pics. This has the titles I spent so much time on!!!!!! (Yes, it's the same one as in the above post.)

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