Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Post 420!!! Why couldn't the world provide me happier material?!

So I read today about 'Baby Grace,' now identified tenatively as Riley Ann Sawyers, an adorable 2-year-old. She was 'beaten' to death by her mother and 'step-father' savagely, in such a way that I cannot stand to read about it again.

This link to the MSNBC version of the story has a video of Riley's father's family. I was overcome to tears when they showed one of her sweet earlier baby pictures, of her literally as an angel:


Yahoo's got a story on it too:


In the first link above, the MSNBC video, they show photos of the mother and step-father. That mother looks chilling. When I look at pictures of Riley, I cannot help but think this white trash 'mother' may not have been able to handle the intelligence/or even the beauty of this very pretty little girl. I don't think this little baby had a chance, to tell you the truth. Her 19-year-old mother left her hometown because she 'met' this man on the internet, playing some game and ran to Texas, with her child in tow.

Unfortunately for all of us, the 'step-father's' recent suicide attempt was unsuccessful. So, once again, too much money will be wasted on his sorry as_.

Over Thanksgiving, I was sitting watching T.V. and a show trailer came on about how prisons are just turning out more efficient criminals: they get physically stronger, get more contacts, learn how to do what they 'do' best: drugs, or whatever criminal thing. Then, they get let out and they're stronger than ever, ready to do the only thing they ever knew how to do: be better criminals.

So I said, "They ought to just take them all, and shoot them." To which my father-in-law said, "Well, that's not very Christian."

True enough. However, whatever the hell they did to get in there in the first place - I guarantee you was not Christian. And forcing the rest of us to put 1,000 people in a space that was only designed for 300 - well, that's not too Christian either.

Having a system that gives every help, every possible way out for a nasty perp and STILL being found guilty says to me, Great take 'em out back and shoot 'em. Stop the appeals, overcrowding, stop spending so much money to house, feed, hook up their cable T.V., shower, shit and shave people that are a waste upon this earth.

Yes, you heard it here. And pedophiles especially should be shot upon sentencing, if nothing for the fact that they are impossible to 'retrain into a human' or whatever the term is, not to mention we might have to waste MORE money and manpower protecting his or HER ass in the clink because NObody likes a pedophile or babykiller. It's always about saving their hide when 9 times out of 10 there's nobody to even stand up for the victim's hide.

The 'system' lets people we've already decided should die end up living an extra 20 years (that a hell of a lot longer than their victims got to live!!) and every once in a while I hear Scott Peterson is getting out. Now if he isn't a case of should be shot immediately and in the balls, I just don't know what is!

Now these people make me recall my days of reading 'The Scarlett Letter.' Puritans hated an adulterer so much that they made them live their days in the woods, with the letter A always pinned to them, should anyone see these shameful creatures. Imagine! In this day and age the letter 'A' would be the cooolest thing, probably the most tatooed thing ever, people are such sluts, they couldn't care less, heck it's celebrated all over T.V. at least. But these people? A MOTHER that would do these things? I'm thinking BABY KILLER, or UNDESERVING CUNT tatooed on that bitch's head. Or a simple, "I AM GOING TO HELL." We just need to pick the day.

It's okay though. I am calm. Because I am a Christian and I know exactly what Jesus says about people who hurt His babies. He says they will wish that they had never been born. There's a devil put aside for these people, and if they were smart they wouldn't be so hasty to meet their Maker.

I said to my father-in-law, besides choice parts of my argument above, that there was a great general or person who once said, "I believe the judgement is made by a Higher Power. It's just my job to make sure they meet the Higher Power." In the end, it's all gonna come out. You can hide it from your neighbor or even a whole community, but God sees the whole shebang. The only one fooled about your sins is you.

I would like to say that I am considering strongly the idea of having my own child. Yes, you heard it here. And the thing is, I have mental illness which I have to consider constantly, in the consideration of a having a baby.

Here we have proof positive of a woman who most likely never considered HAVING a baby, worst of all she thought nothing of the most fabulous gift that a bitch like this will EVER be afforded.

I know because of things or stories like this that just maybe I could make it, I could do it, because I wouldn't even treat my dog like this, not even on a bad day.


Update: Because I know you don't listen to the news, read anything on the Internet and ONLY come to my site.

The bitch that helped tortured 'Baby Grace,' known as Riley - she is pregnant at this time.

I think she thought nobody would kill a pregnant baby-murderer in jail. So's we'll wait. Nah, I'm 'kidding' but I say the family that gave a damn about the kid get the 'new' baby, or let anybody on the earth adopt it, since anybody could a better job than her.

Then execute her.

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