Wednesday, November 14, 2007

She's Leaving Vegas...

LAS VEGAS - Though she's undeniably warm
gregarious, you can hear a bit of irritation creep into Celine Dion's
voice when
her years away from the pop music world is referred to as "time

"I don't think it was a break," she says politely but firmly. "I
worked for five years."

Indeed, Dion's "A New Day"
concert extravaganza on the Las Vegas strip may have been more demanding than
pop life. The French-Canadian chanteuse performed several days a week in the
ambitious, Franco Dragone-directed show, which was heavy on dancing, theatrics
and of course Dion's booming voice. The career of Celine Dion the Entertainer
was vibrant and thriving.

But for all practical
purposes, the career of Celine Dion the Pop Diva was all but dormant where it
once had its biggest impact — the recording

Ah, no worries, Celine. Look at this no-talent industry try to suck your angel wings off before you've even alighted upon the ground! I know there is stress (read further in this Yahoo article and Renee Angelil is admitting to the stress, as well) in returning to life after Caesar's Palace, into life with a 'different sounding' but beyond powerful voice. This is a Whut thu? if I ever saw one.

I got to see that show! It was March 27, 2005, Easter Sunday, and the day after I got married - at Weddings at the Grove, just outside of Las Vegas (fabulous!). Celine told us about her son and all the sugar and the Easter bunny. Because Celine talks like that. I don't know if it's because she's French/Canadian and English is a second language, but everything is just a little grand, a little amazing, keyed higher.

I love her. We were in the seventh row and it truly was the experience of a lifetime. In a world that is so god damn negative, Celine is a person that has got something to give - and she has been involved in the giving of it pretty much her whole life. I don't worry about her voice/sound changing (what is she a 15-year-old boy?) and we all know that she can pretty much do what she wants to.

They have quotes like that above, but only yesterday they quoted that she is the highest selling woman recording artist of ALL TIME. Again, I don't care if you don't like her (?!) because I'm in good company - the rest of the planet is, too!

I've got a 'lil list' in my head of people/celebrities I'd want to meet. And oh yes, Celine Dion is one of them. It's not such a pipe dream either, because Celine Does meet and greet and love up her fans.

The truth is, her voice makes me cry, she touches a special place within. I played "Because You Loved Me" just for my Dad, years ago when I got to visit him. It will always be one of the most fabulous moments of my life when I told him that it was 'his' song and it was what he did for me. I know that he understood, because he said, "Wow, I didn't know you would feel that way," quietly. That is a gift.

Don't let the bastards get you down, Celine.

The Tart

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