Wednesday, November 14, 2007

My ePeople.daily is like a cold 'wake up' Diet Coke! (Give Live Love)

Of course they're in love! They have exact same jaw structure, lip placement - people this is scientifically proven! If you want 'true love' get off eHarmony and - start comparing bone structure - swap photos, gasp - go out with people in person!!!!!!!! Know thyself - KNOW THY LOVER!!!:) (Or at least you'll find one.)

Someone please tell me WHAT this woman is in such a damn rush about? She got married in April, to give birth to twins two months early, to rush back to her stupid over-rated and frankly extremely annoying cable T.V. show (is she short on moulah? Or afraid we really WILL stop caring?), only to be put back in the hospital for her pulmonary edema (and you ALL know what that means, I'm SURE. I didn't realize how many web geeks were also medical transcriptionists, until recently.) cause she had two blood clots in her lungs. SLLLOOOOW DOWN, Nancy Grace. That is neither a prayer or a well-wish, it's just that you are sending my head into a spin and making me sick. That is a criminal transgression, Nancy.

Sexiest Man Alive: Matt Damon

Finally, celebrity media, You have gotten something Right! Buy a copy, check on online to see the very correct gushing on Mr. Matt Damon. All I know is, he looks like my husband, and I am a VERY lucky married woman, we were bourne for each other. De-licious.

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