Wednesday, November 14, 2007

There's still time to rebel - Starting with the farmers

Don-Imus-is-back-Save-it-for-a-barf-bag. Hey La, Hey La, Omigod there starting slow, marketing to idiots before springing him nationwide. (To the tune of Hey La, Hey La My Boyfriend's Back. &*&(*((& I just got sick again.)

"Don's passion and understanding of rural America fits in so well
with our ongoing effort to bridge city and country folks with this channel,"
Gottsch said. His station launched in December 2000, billed as the first 24/7
television network dedicated to rural America.

They say that you should use the word 'hate' sparingly. It's not that there isn't way too much of it sucking the world into a vortex of hate, it's just that readers minds need a strong love/hate thought process to work with. And a lot of convoluted, f'n sentences that confuse and don't make sense, no? Apparently, American readers/listeners of radio/watchers of TV/users of computers are simple creatures, (perhaps like the asexual worm? Hey, fat worms are wonderful fishing bait!) simple creatures that just need to be led by the nose wherever the marketers do take us. (Well, that's better. We're cows, not worms.)

I've said I'm ready and waiting to drop cow/pig/his own's blood on Michael Vick. Well, that is lovely and symbolic but I understand now why there are people that call on someone to get shot, please shoot, yes, just put a SOB out.

And THAT is how I feel about Don Imus.

No, I'm not a bleeding heart, or even affected by discussion of nappy headed ho's. Meaning: truth - I don't feel those words 'hurting' me, but it did hurt someone else. And our country is not, and really should not, be ready for ON AIR 'silliness,' like that, not now, not in 2030, not in 3052.

You don't know how many drafted posts I have explaining that I don't care that Imus said what he did AND I don't care Dog said the n-word in a personal phone call. I had a lovely post, explaining in full why I have no problem with Dog returning to cable, his job, etc. But this is Imus's moment to be skewered on my blog. And simple is simple isn't it? Maybe it's because I don't want to hear about Imus again and I like Dog. Dog is the only cable tv person to pray on the show. It was an amazing mix of leather, pepper spray and what I still think is a true caring about bottom feeders - criminals. You don't have to agree with me, because amazingly over 22 million viewers did, too. He was skewered by a bitter family member, OFF air, and I forgive him. Done. Back to Imus.

Honestly, when a 60-70 year-old man uses the phrase nappy headed ho's, I think we should all assume that he thought he was being hip-hop, real, and down with the homies, perhaps a new demographic that his station manager had suggested that morning. I am amazed that 'industry insiders' (meaning people who think they are far more importante than they are) can say, 'But Imus has 40 years of experience' and in the next breath, 'we must forgive.'

Somehow this fart makes them a lot of money, and they want more of it.

Simply put, 40 years of experience means you KNOW what to say ON AIR and what not to. If you've lost all sense of reason, if you forgot what offends America then you deserve to lose the 'right' (it's not a right, it's a damn priviledge) to get to supposedly say whatever you want on the airwaves.

What IS Tart's problem with Imus??? I still thought he was the Greaseman when this first started. I hated him too, for a very long as_ reason, involving my boyfriend's stepdad (I was 17, this stuff is saved for my book, I think) who yelled at me so hard that two veins popped out under his flesh on the sides of his neck while screaming at me. He LOVED Greaseman. 'Nuff said. They're all one and the same, and didn't Greaseman get canned for the same reason? At least he had the decency to go away, leave. I guess he hasn't died yet or we'd have already read his damn obituary.

I think Imus needs to accept that he is fired, get buried under dirt - maybe in a Malibu-ian, Peruvian, Chilian mudslide, and then be burned in a California wildfire, preferably the one started in Orange County, because I think he'll find a lot of 'homies' there, and maybe they'll give him a special send off into the underworld.

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