Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I swear I'm not cranky, but...

...here's a couple of today's Yahoo's headlines that still managed to irritate me:

Judith Regan sues her former employer (a publisher) for $100 million.

Okay that seems reasonable enough, but click on it and you find (I found myself) dazed and confused in minutes because it's a complicated tale because she slept with somebody important, who's related to Rudy Guiliani, who told her to lie to the feds, and her name was smeared (not by her sordid tale of sleeping with the 'wrong' person but) by these bad and OH so important people...I know! Maybe the ho should just write a book! LOL Or just the f'n Cliff Notes - yaaaawn!

Latin American fans ask "Where are our movies?"

Would it be too much to ask you to learn English?

Okay, perhaps that's a wee bit harsh for this particular story, which is actually concerning people living below Texas, and Mexico even. I guess they have the 'right' to whine about the overbearing output coming from Hollywood. Wanh.

But since half of those people are expected to be here in the U.S. in a decade or two (!), I hope I can be forgiven having the sentence above poised on my lips when they're officially (!) living here and asking the same frickin question.

Oh, please. I not only think it, yeah - I write it! And to be honest, I'm holding back.

They say I'm mentally ill, but I feel pretty clear as a bell, but I could be wrong. And who has a degree in English that may never get used, because nobody's f'n speaking it anymore? That was a lot of damn work and money to just get thrown away. I know that the average person doesn't care a lot about spelling or care all that much for the craft of writing, and I'm not perfect - but I do care. Now that there are so many people that couldn't care less to even Learn It - white, black, latin, or asian - that yeah, it does piss me off.

I wish that the U.S. Congress would have been able to pass the law that 'English is the language of the land.' Doesn't that sound so simple? But it really is key, it's a protection of our language, it establishes a foundation for public schools, and its a foundation that every American needs and should be on. It is also part of our identity and can help others become part of our identity as well! Look bleeding hearts, I know the white man destroyed the Native American, saved the best for himself and raped them too. Well, it's 2007, and I guess we are living with who we are pretty skippy, no? I know when there are so many people influxing into your little ol hamlet (hasn't happened? It will) that in your beastly little heart, you would like the newbies to learn your language, and to consider that they must have a driver's license to actually drive a vehicle (just 'cause you can BUY one doesn't mean you should DRIVE one!), and to follow all the laws of the land (you have to!), and - hold tight thy bleeding heart - assimilate. I have lost A friend over this (I think. The bitch won't tell me why she won't talk to me.) so I'm telling it True, as you well know.

There are billions of dollars poured into 'No Child Left Behind' yet it broke my heart and made me want to DO something when I read 4 out 10 high schools are drop out factories (it may be higher, maybe 6 of 10!) and teachers are overwhelmed with 9th graders reading at beyond unbearably low levels. Say that English is The language puts pressure on people to get it right, because we NEED some kind of solidarity, a fricking BACKBONE, if I'm reading any of these pathetic statistics right. If we can't even agree on what we're speaking, what every job is going to be spoken in, let alone really graduate legions of kids that DO have simple skills, then frankly that is havoc, that is incompetency and the wrong people are waking up in the mental hospital each morning.

Really, if those rich, dumbass bastards could have passed that bill, they would take away a lot of ambiguity and confusion. Not to mention, show that they might finally take even a tinkle of responsibility, which it is now unbearably clear it is not possible. What shall we wail over first?

Sure, there's PLENTY more to say about it, and Tart is definitely holding back. I almost wish I could tell you where I live, because we're on the news even! This area is saturated with illegals and a bazillion problems that come with it. My bleeding heart non-friend liv(ed?) in a rich area, and had no clue of, well, reality. People, someone, I don't know who, can look down on me, but all I can say is, it must be difficult, way up high, with that stick in your butt.

So I guess you fully understand my little breakdown of another stupid headline, no?
Next week we'll do something simple that doesn't take up so much of my damn time. Hah!

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