Sunday, November 4, 2007

I'm too stupid to Cha cha

Yeah, well, I checked into them after Mysti told me about being a Cha cha guide as a home job. Well, that would have been nice, so I kept following up on their emails. Today I took the 3 10-minute tests. Well, I took the first one which had way too many math problems in them and I guess I flunked! Cause they told me I was not Cha cha material and to try again later (some other planetoid lifetime, I guess!)

For the record, I have a college degree - in English! so I'm not crying too hard over this. People, I'd appreciate if more people would try speaking English, here in the good ol USA since I'm obviously too stupid to do anything with numbers, and correcting the rest of you would give me something to do - if I wasn't already busy writing, which I already do.

This is a slap in the face to Liberal Arts colleges everywhere - I expected their test to be a joke and they would see why knowing how to write is more important than 4(x)=2+17

And that's my story, which I wrote myself, and I'm sticking to it.