Friday, November 9, 2007

Pakistan, on the World Stage - Who would'a Knew??????

Okay, I think I'm one of rare people that heard of Pakistan in the early '90's.

I say that because I was living on campus with the President of the Pakistan organization on our campus. She was a Pakistani who was having a 'relationship' with a nice white boy on campus that she treated with such secrecy that you'd assume her parents would have slit her's (or his?) throat upon discovery - and now that I see how loving and forgiving these types seem to be, I am not surprised at her fear and care-ful-ness, concerning her "True Love" (Opposite of all that Mum & Dad would approve of) I think it was very selfish and not fair to the American guy. After all, she was all set with an arranged married (to happen after she got her All-American degree, I guess!) that had been set up since she was in 9th grade (when the acceptable husband-to-be got a look at her on the school bus, one day - I am NOT MAKING THIS SH_T UP!!)

Anyway, she dumped sweet American white boy (OH the DRAMA) and finally gave in to the 'Love' that was picked out and acceptable by the parents. Imagine my 'whut the', when she came to me one day (that would be odd right there) and started BAWLing and asked 'What to do, what to do.' It seems that she had been calling the fiance in a place that I kept thinking was Crotchistan, but I think it was Karachi, to the the tune of $3,000.

Well, you better get to selling yourself right now.

Oh, you shits who steal my stuff, these are my Memories, my School Days, the Best of College, you just don't know...

So now I'm hearing that Musharaff or whatever is di_king around with his country, putting the lady who just came in to help save his a_s in house arrest and all kinds of foolishness.

Look, Pakistan, We - the U.S. has been really gentle with you. We tried really hard to get through to your minds what We expect of you. You don't want to Listen? Ve haf vays of making you leesten, you buttwi_es. And who locks a woman in her house? China. Yes, China, you bastards and ve'ed like to give zim the what fer too.

I wasn't impressed with Princess Pakistani in 1992 AND I'm thinking that you all don't deserve your 3 minutes on the world stage now either, Pakistan. Get it together, Hon. You know, it's only because Gandhi gave a crap and starved himself for you on a couple occasions that we keep trying to get through to you. I for one, am all for bombing your sad ass in some order, after Iran, Iraq, Afganistan, North Korea, China (WHY is it so hard to manufacture a lead-free toy? Oh. Your chance is GONE), and the next SOB to act up. So sayeth the Tart.


wolfbaby said...

ohh man i wish so wish i had your gift for a rant;) now that is talent i end up with spittle hanging ungracefully i might add at the edges of my lips and a stutter of a voice... *sigh*

'Tart said...

Thank you. :) Ranting is a gift, that no one in my family has. If I couldn't type madness quickly, I would probably blow up. I'm greatful I can do it, I soooooo appreciate people actually liking it! Thanks,:) :)