Saturday, October 28, 2006

A little vacuousness for no reason at all.

What do you know? Back by popular demand - a Lassie Movie for this Fall. My pleas were heard. Seriously! (Although in fact, Lassie movies are too sad for me, much like 'Old Yeller.')

Orlando Bloom - a hottie, hottie, hottie!!!

Alec Baldwin and Annette Benning in 'Running With Scissors.' I have the feeling this will be a good flick, or a weird remake of 'The Royal Tannenbaums.' Either way, dysfunction reflects my life and I appreciate them trying to make movies reflecting the dyfunctionistic template. (yes, I made that up, but it makes OBvious sense!)

This is Jon Heder in 'School of Scoundrels' (aka Napoleon Dynamite). I did see the movie. It was good. I will now admit that I have a crush on Mr. Heder and even kissed him in a dream. GAWSH - I hope he doesn't read my blog!!

Both Husband and I like Alicia Silverstone. She seems likeable. I also watched with interest when they said she couldn't get thin enough to play BatGirl in some movie. Poor thing had let herself go. But now she's BAAAcK!! Gives hope to all us girls that may have *ahem* let themselves go. No names here. (Okay, Tart's on the list. Torture me people!)

Love Jet Li. I really do. I saw a poster of him in a Chinese restaurant and it started a whole conversation, even tho neither side understood each other. ANYhow, reason for my affection is that I feel that he has a deep spiritual side, he is a good guy (despite some roles he's played). 'Fearless' is his last martial arts film, partly because HE feels they are too violent and give bad role models. This is a great guy. Mwanh to Jet Li.

I LOVE this guy - he is CRAAAAZY! Jack Black has got many endearing qualities, so funny, so human, its like he should be your brother. Look at that belly! It's okay to have that when you are Jack Black!

Sandra Bullock is okay, but here she is playing one of my favorite people~ Harper Lee, writer of 'To Kill A MockingBird,'~ in 'Infamous.' They keep doing this character in no less than three movies because she had the unfortunate (in my estimation) friendship with Truman Capote. They are beating that story with a dead horse, I guess because its just too difficult to simply watch or read 'In Cold Blood (never to be mentioned on my blog again. It's just awful).' I won't watch any of them because its a sick fascination all around, but that is not Harper Lee's fault. She's the one that rocks.

Who knew blogger picture thing would actually aquiesce and let me put all these up - so neato, I was very surprised. Just a little vacuousness to brighten your day!



Reel Fanatic said...

I thought Catherine Keener came very close to capturing the great Harper Lee, but I have no desire whatsoever to see what Sandra Bullock will do with this great woman ... what a disaster in the making

Anonymous said...

Hi, I recently saw Miss Harper Lee an an event and was able to take a few photos of her. I thought you might be interested.

Mark (Lord of the Idiots) said...

Most people don't realize it but I was actually the "Stunt Belly" for Jack Black in Nacho Libre! Pretty scary huh?

mysti said...

Ohhh lots of great movies are coming out soon. I really am excited about the new Lassie one! Very cool.

'Tart said...

I'm so glad that many like and were inspired by these pictures.

Reel Fanatic - That is because Catherine Keener is a classy lady. I have enjoyed every character I have seen her play.

Mark - Well bless yo belly! You know there's something hot about Jack Black!

I know mysti - aren't movies great?! I no longer have the patience or time (!) to read and a good movie transports, inspires and makes you feel better about life. Plus, it seems to deify the people in the profession, and there is something fun about that and we love people on a pedestal. For better or worse.

I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical about Anonymous's link until I looked at it ~ and it is just wonderful!! Being a potentially weepy person, a few tears came to my eyes to see this wonderful precious treasure in what I know is one of her few outings. It just makes me love her even more. Thank you Anonymous!

:) Tart