Friday, October 27, 2006

I love Antibiotics!!!

I cannot think of any other reason that I have life and energy today. I did in fact wake at the un-Godly hour of 7:30 a.m., actually even earlier, but I could not sleep anymore and got up. If it wasn't enough that my nightly antipsychotic gives me weird dreams every night, combine that with a little antibiotic and a snoring husband and one is guaranteed no sleep, and no desire to keep trying: the dreams are too wicked (as in awful)!

So, I did a little laundry, ALL of the dishes (FlyLady should do a jig, because it is a miracle that I can now see my sink, let alone shine it!), I even left the house momentarily: to hit the Bell (Taco Bell) and procure cigs. I am contemplating getting on the elliptical.

Behold, a miracle has occurred. In the East, my little insane section of the world.

Also, I was thrilled to receive my first of three cross stitch patterns I bought from someone in England off of Ebay. It was the last to be bid on, but it is my favorite: Scarlett Ohara of Gone With the Wind. Tons of mahogany, maroon and the thing will be huge upon completion - about 20" by 15.5"!!! Wow!! I will be keeping the DMC floss folks in the money!

I think I am pretty smart about my purchases. Normally, I do not spend more than $10 at a time on a particular thing and I buy things that really give me joy upon arrival. I am amazed how stable I am for a bipolar, because buying like absolute crazy can be an issue. I admit I buy things for the pleasure of receiving them, opening them and 'playing' or dreaming with it. I feel in control, but during these dreary autumn/winter months I like to have something to look forward to. I'm like that 'even' if it's a present for my husband. I can't wait to give it to him, and I try to find things he will really like. And we all know it's the thought that counts.

I read an article in the NYT's today about a ten year old girl with nearly every mentally ill diagnoses out there. I was so proud that they told their story (her family) and that they even said that they hoped they could ease the societal strain on people by doing it. Soooo, I wrote the author a letter, saying they ARE accomplishing that goal and of course, oodles about me, my thoughts on the girl and things that could help and that I was very proud of them. SOMEday, Tart's letters are going to do some good and if not, here on blogland you can feel special that you are not the only one subjected to ME, me, me!

I go from feeling peaceful, to rage, to utter exhaustion, to doing enough housework that my husband shouldn't feel like yelling at me. It's the life of a bipolar (Forrest Gump). :)

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