Thursday, November 2, 2006

Ay-yi-yi!!! Christmas Overwhelm?!!

Ever be pretty much fine all day and muster up a nice fit in the evening? Mine occurred today as the complete overwhelm of realizing Christmas is coming took me over!

I really and truly want to do, make, or give something unique and special to my multitudinous in-laws (with whom I will be spending Jesus's birthday with) but with every creative thought I have and realizing that it takes me FOREVER to cross-stitch, crochet, or anything handy to accomplish I get sooo overwhelmed.

Husband's idea of Christmas for these people are gift cards to restaurants. When he was completely on his own sent Travelers checks in small amounts to each, using Federal Express as he umm waited til the last minute with these thoughtful gifts. Now, I have been handed the reins. If I remember birthdays, send out cards, etc., he is thrilled because he has admitted that it makes him look good. I have good intentions but I simply don't have enough time to make them come true, and I love the fact that I have all these wonderful people in my life now. And I am excited about now being an aunt, albeit from a far away state, now that I married into that. I will be internally thrilled the day I am called Aunt Tart. It may not ever happen because I have never heard Husband called Uncle, despite his blood relation, as they refer to him as that Goofball. It's sort of like being Duchess of Poo, but you're upset because no one calls you by your rightful title. I'm kidding. Our last name's not Poo.


Sean Carter said...

That's really sweet... Peep into my Christmas Blog to check out some really cool stuffs and unique ideas

Raine said...

I can relate. I decided to crochet twin bed sized afghans for my 3 step-grandsons this year and Im having serious doubts as to wether they will be done in time. I have the first almost finished. I can crochet for hours except my wrists give out ( tendonitis type stuff) so I can only do so much a day. Right now this minute in order to finish in time I will have to crochet for like at least 3 hours a day..........EVERY day. Just so you know...Personally I would LOVE restaurant gift cards LOLOL. I love to eat out on occasion and wouldnt mind such a thing in the least. My dad always said that gifts cards and such show a lack of thought but myself and my children have always enjoyed them as long as they were something we could actually do something with.

'Tart said...

Hey Raine! Good to see you!
I was pondering (or should I say 'pawing'?) over the cross stitch things at Walmart yesterday and I discovered this wrist thing that you pull over your hand that warms for your circulation and supports to help with arthritis and things of that nature. It's ambidextrious, but obviously you could buy 2 and they wanted $5 for it. Might be just the thing!

Yeah, I also saw the rack of restaraunt gift cards and pointed it out to Husband. He didn't think about it too much, but I have the feeling we will come back to buy it out. Gotta love Walmart!!!


Mark (Lord of the Idiots) said...

Goofball! I love that word and use it all the time! Is Christmas that close? Aaarrrggggg. I have not bought a thing yet though I always swear I will do all my shopping before Halloween each year.

'Tart said...

That's really ambitious to have it All done before Halloween! I haven't gotten to that stage yet. I think it requires Great Prior Planning, as though you were orchestrated a wedding. Honestly, I think I get about as stressed about Christmas as that! Kinda silly hunh!

We always appreciate gift cards too, cause we love to eat! To be honest they sometimes get put in a special place and get lost in the clutter through the year, then I find them and its like gold! The benefits of clutter.