Thursday, October 19, 2006

I'm still here!

I'm still here! It seems of late that I have been applying my computer time and fascination to a different endeavor than the blog - Ebay! I'm having a great time with that.

Also, I spent some time trying to set straight some idiot writer for Slate about something. I went off, fairly eloquently I think, about how manic depression does not equal crazy (although you wouldn't know it to check me, eh?) when he applied it to Hemingway. Maybe I'll give snippets of my brilliantness sometime.

I'm feeling well and pretty much my usual self. As far as my Grandma goes, I talked with a friend who said sometimes you can end up feeling bad for not being as upset as you think you should. I don't mourn her passing as something unfair because not to sound awful, but it was getting to be that time. I have sat and felt angry about the idiots who contributed to it in ways that don't quite seem right.

I have been staying up waaaay too late and sleeping waaaay too late. I don't think I'm manic, well probably some, but not in the arena of flipping out. Bored on one hand and trying to find meaning on the other. It's a wonderful combination (Forrest Gump). Thank you to all for wondering where I was and for your concern.


mysti said...

Thank you for letting us know! Ebay huh????? hmmmmm I thought about selling some of my paintings on ebay.... we shall see..


'Tart said...

Yes, Ebay is fun and montrously addicting! Which I suppose would make sense that I'm so easily snaggable into that realm!

I don't think husband reads this, so I can say I've snagged a couple Christmas gifts for him.

But the truth is, I buy mostly for myself. I'm bidding on some fantastic cross stitch charts (I'm sooo excited by one, maybe I can show it if I win), I bought a very inexpensive Baby Phat necklace. Their logo looks like a siamese kitty so that is why, mostly I never have brand name things so that's a little exciting too.

I have seen completed stitchery on Ebay and it was very beautiful. I don't see why you couldn't try selling your things too!

I have teapots, tons of them, and I can't use them all or have a place for them. I am thinking of selling them on Ebaby, so if I figure it out I'll demystify the system for you! (a pun :) We talk on IM soon, eh?


mysti said...

Sure Tart I would love to talk with you soon. I am missing you. (((hugs))) Let me know what you find about ebay! The cross stitching sounds very cool. UMMMM I collect teapots and tea cups...... lol Let me see your collection first. Smiling wide!

Raine said...

Good to know you doing ok. I agree that sometimes its ok to not be in deep mourning. Often mourning is for us not them. There is a time for passing. I have a problem myself with staying up all night and sleeping all day. I get it straightned out for just a few days and then go right back to staying up later and later and sleeping later and later..... I just can NOT seem to get my days and nights straight. Maybe its due to years and years of night shifts? I dunno but I sleep better after 5 am ALWAYS and have more energy in the evenings.

mysti said...


I just sent you an email. I also sent you one last night. I am so sorry I did not check my mail over there on msn sooner. I tend to forget I have mail on msn also. I am so excited!